1922 Peace Silver Dollar: A Valuable Collectible

Understanding the Value of Your 1922 Peace Silver Dollar

Your 1922 Peace silver dollar holds a significant worth of at least $17.75 today, surpassing its silver melt value. To accurately appraise its value, distinguishing between a coin in “uncirculated” condition and one with surface wear is crucial.

Uncirculated 1922 Peace Dollar

Take a look at this pristine 1922 Peace dollar. It has never been in circulation, retaining its original minted luster. As shown on the chart, the “uncirculated” designation is a defining factor in determining its price. Grade images below provide further assistance in evaluating this distinction. Additionally, we highlight a rare Gem condition Denver minted Peace dollar with an exceptional price.

An intriguing opportunity awaits you. Silver dollars have experienced an increase in premiums above their silver value. This widening margin reflects their popularity as collectibles and as a valuable means of owning silver. The 1922 Peace dollar, renowned for its size and silver content, is highly coveted by collectors and bullion investors alike, ensuring strong values.

Mintmarks play a role in determining the value of 1922 Peace dollars in uncirculated condition. Three mints produced silver dollars that year: Philadelphia, Denver, and the San Francisco mint. Mintmarks, placed on the reverse side, differentiate the mints. Denver utilized a “D” mintmark, San Francisco an “S,” while Philadelphia, being the primary mint, did not use a mintmark.

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The Influence of Special Condition on 1922 Peace Dollar Value

Preserving coins in impeccable condition has yielded remarkable gem specimens for collectors. Handling your coin by its edges, protecting it from damage and the elements, proves to be highly beneficial.

1922-D Peace Dollar

Here we showcase an exceptional 1922-D Peace dollar, demonstrating the fortunate combination of strong striking and meticulous preservation. This coin, with its exceptional luster, intricate details, and flawless surfaces, garnered a high bid of $690 at a David Lawrence rare coin auction. Discerning collectors of silver dollars were captivated by its allure.

Treating your coins with care, individually storing high-condition examples, is paramount to maintaining their value.

Visualizing the Value of a 1922 Peace Silver Dollar

Currently, the variation in value between circulated “graded” 1922 Peace dollars is minimal. However, if you plan on keeping one or all of them, it is vital to identify the coin in better condition, saving it for the future.

1922 Peace Silver Dollar

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Discover the value of your 1922 Peace silver dollar and explore other coin series by visiting our index page. Our comprehensive value charts, complemented by grading images and descriptions, will assist you in distinguishing between common and rare coins. Uncover the hidden treasures within your collection.

Minimum Silver Value | A Good Starting Point

Many of your old US silver coins’ values are closely tied to the price of silver. Pre-1965 silver dimes, quarters, half dollars, and silver dollars contain 90% silver and are worth considerably more than their face value. With today’s high silver value of $23.07 per ounce (as of 9/11/2023), your old Peace dollars hold surprising value. Refer to today’s minimum silver coin values to get started.

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Let the allure of the 1922 Peace silver dollar capture your attention as a valuable addition to your collection.

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