The Value of the 1934 Peace Silver Dollar


Collectors place great importance on the 1934 Peace silver dollar due to its rarity and unique characteristics. In this article, we will explore the value of this coin and provide valuable insights for coin enthusiasts.

Determining the Value

The starting value for a 1934 Peace silver dollar is $27.44. However, it’s crucial to note that the value can vary depending on several factors, such as the coin’s mintmark and condition.

Identifying the Mintmark

The mintmark, represented by the letter “S” for the San Francisco mint, plays a significant role in determining the coin’s scarcity. Ensure you carefully inspect the reverse side of the coin to locate this small but unmistakable mark. Refer to the image below for a closer look.

Mintmark Location

Evaluating the Condition

The condition of the coin greatly impacts its value. As these coins tend to become worn over time, those in good condition are highly sought after and carry a premium value. For example, the image showcases an “uncirculated” 1934 silver dollar minted in Philadelphia. Its pristine state, with its bright luster and minimal surface abrasions, distinguishes it from other worn coins.

To determine the true worth of your coin, take your time to compare its condition to the grading guidelines provided in the “grading silver dollars” section below.

Completing Your Collection

Many collectors aim to assemble a complete set of 1934 silver dollars from each of the three mints that produced coins that year. The mints can be identified by specific mintmarks: “S” for San Francisco, “D” for Denver, and no mintmark for coins minted in Philadelphia. These mintmarks are located along the rim above the tail of the eagle on the reverse side of the coin.

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Recognizing the Value of Peace Dollars

As you familiarize yourself with Peace dollars, it becomes easier to recognize the value of rare coins and avoid overvaluing common ones. By carefully assessing the condition of your coins and comparing them with graded examples, you’ll start noticing distinct differences. Consider the exceptional “gem” 1934-S silver dollar pictured above. Its stunning luster, absence of significant marks, and overall superior appearance contribute to its high value. In fact, a similar coin was sold for $2070 at a reputable auction.

Grading Your Coin

Dealers and collectors assign a grade to coins based on their condition, which helps determine their value. Examine your 1934 Peace silver dollar closely and refer to images and descriptions to differentiate between grades. This process enables you to identify valuable collector-quality coins accurately. Utilize the value chart provided earlier to find the appropriate value for your coin.


The 1934 Peace silver dollar holds both historical and collectible significance. By understanding the factors that affect its value, such as mintmarks and condition, you can make informed decisions about buying, selling, or expanding your collection. Remember to consult reliable resources when assessing your coin’s worth to ensure you receive the best possible price in the market.

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