The Vibrant 2000 Colorized 1 oz American Silver Eagle Coin

Silver coins have been a trusted form of currency and a means to store value for centuries, minted by various mints across the globe. Among them, the 2000 Colorized 1 oz American Silver Eagle Coin stands out as a breathtaking addition to any coin collection. Approved by Congress in 1985 and minted in 1986 by US Mints, the American Eagle Silver Coin is the official silver bullion of the USA. It remains highly sought after in the precious metal market, capturing the hearts of collectors and investors alike.

A Coin Steeped in History and Elegance

On January 4, 2004, the eagerly anticipated 2000 Colorized 1 oz Silver Eagle Coin made its debut, becoming an instant star. Crafted by US Mints, these coins boast a purity of .999 fine silver, making them one of the most refined silver coins ever minted in the United States. To enhance durability and combat tampering, each 1 oz colorized American Silver Coin is fortified with a touch of copper, ensuring its longevity.

The Allure of Design

Featuring the iconic Walking Liberty design on the obverse, created by Adolph A. Weinman in 1916, and the remarkable Heraldic Eagle design by John Mercanti on the reverse, this unique coin has been colorized, infusing it with a vibrant splash of hues. Through a meticulous process, layers of special inks are applied to the currency, resulting in a visually captivating effect that sets it apart.

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It is important to note that the American Silver Eagle Coin’s value lies not only in its design but also in its silver content. Each coin contains 1 troy ounce of .999 fine silver, making it an ideal choice for investors looking to diversify their portfolios with precious metals. Furthermore, the weight and purity of the coin are guaranteed by the United States government, bolstering its value and security.

Main Highlights of the 1 oz American Silver Eagle Coin

The 2000 Colorized 1 oz American Silver Eagle Coin is an eagerly anticipated treasure, cherished by collectors and investors alike. Here are the key highlights of this remarkable coin:

  • The official coin of the United States, instilling confidence and popularity among investors and collectors.
  • Each silver coin contains .999 fine silver, adding substantial value. The silver content is guaranteed by the US government.
  • Utilizing a unique colorization process, the Walking Liberty and Heraldic Eagle designs are brought to life with a vibrant array of colors. This distinct feature sets this coin apart from others in the American Silver Eagle collection, increasing its collectability and visual appeal.
  • With a limited number minted by US Mints, these American Eagle coins possess an air of rarity.
  • The obverse showcases the timeless Walking Liberty design, a masterpiece created by Adolph A. Weinman in 1916.
  • On the reverse, the Heraldic Eagle design by John Mercanti adds to the coin’s allure. These designs are highly regarded by collectors and considered classic masterpieces.
  • The high liquidity of the 1 oz American Silver Eagle Coin ensures its effortless convertibility to cash.
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Product Specification: 2000 1 oz American Eagle Coin

  • Brand: US Mints
  • Weight: 1 Troy Ounce (31.1 grams)
  • IRA Approved: Yes
  • Purity: .999
  • Thickness: 2.98mm
  • Dimensions: 40.6mm
  • Made: United States

Own a Piece of American History

Bullion Trading LLC takes great pride in offering the 2000 1 oz American Eagle Coin. As you invest in your future, consider adding this rare and captivating coin to your collection. With its limited mintage, iconic designs, and high silver content, this coin serves as an excellent addition to any portfolio. Now is your chance to own a piece of American history. Place your order today!


Please reach out to us at 646-362-3536 to discover more about the 1 oz Colorized American Eagle Coin. You can easily order online or visit our physical store at 20 West 47th Street Lower Level #24, New York, NY 10036, to make your purchase!

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