Review: Ridge’s Unbreakable Metal Wallets Are a Game Changer


Wallets have always been fascinating accessories for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost, they have been around for thousands of years, evolving alongside currency itself. The variations in size, shape, and design reflect cultural differences and individual preferences. Yet, despite countless attempts, the perfect wallet remains elusive. In this article, we will dive into the world of the Ridge minimalist wallet, a strong contender for the everyday carry crown.

Review: Ridge's Unbreakable Metal Wallets

A Sleek and Efficient Design

Upon unboxing the Ridge wallet, it becomes evident that its sleek appearance does not translate to a bulky size. Unlike many wallets, it takes up minimal space. Made from lightweight aluminum, it boasts a slim profile comparable to a credit card. The package includes a credit card-sized plastic insert with clear instructions on how to use the wallet effectively.

Impressive Construction and Resilience

Our initial impressions of the Ridge wallet are overwhelmingly positive. It embodies the ideal characteristics of a minimalist wallet, offering the perfect balance of weight, format, and aesthetics. The only downside is its susceptibility to fingerprints, which are easily removed with a simple swipe. Overall, this wallet excels in every category except for this minor inconvenience.

Review: Ridge's Unbreakable Metal Wallets

The Aluminum Version: A Study in Durability

The Ridge wallet is available in various materials, including high-grade titanium, polycarbonate, and carbon fiber. For our review, we focused on the entry-level aluminum version. Despite its “entry-level” label, this wallet is far from cheap. It is built to withstand even the harshest treatment, offering peace of mind to anyone concerned about their wallet’s condition.

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Furthermore, the Ridge wallet’s unique construction allows for easy maintenance. Held together by Torx screws, it can be disassembled for repair or part replacement. Although the process may be tedious, the attention to detail and secure construction inspire confidence in its longevity.

Ample Space with Convenient Card Retrieval

One of the key concerns with minimalist wallets is their capacity to hold multiple cards and cash. To put the Ridge wallet to the test, we loaded it with eight credit cards. Surprisingly, the wallet accommodated them comfortably without bulging or compromising security. The finger slot on the upper back spine allowed for effortless card extraction, even with one hand. However, retrieving a specific card requires thumbing through the entire stack – a small inconvenience for the sake of slim simplicity.

Cash Strap vs. Money Clip: A Matter of Preference

The Ridge wallet offers two options for securing cash: a cash strap or a money clip. We had the opportunity to try both. The cash strap provides expandable capacity due to its elasticity, with small grippy bumps adding an extra layer of security. However, the cash can still slide slightly over time. Fortunately, Ridge offers replacements for worn-out straps. On the other hand, the money clip provides superior security but protrudes from the wallet, raising concerns about snagging on clothing. Ultimately, the choice between the two comes down to personal preference.

Review: Ridge's Unbreakable Metal Wallets

The Closest to Wallet Perfection

While it would be presumptuous to declare the Ridge wallet as the ultimate solution, it certainly comes remarkably close. Its sturdy construction, repairability, and generous capacity make it an outstanding contender. The wallet claims to hold up to 12 cards and cash, although the necessity for carrying such an amount remains questionable. Minor flaws, such as smudging on the finish and the lack of individual card retrieval, pale in comparison to the Ridge wallet’s numerous achievements. In terms of handsome design, durability, and functionality, it may well be the closest to perfection that wallets will ever get.

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