Modern Mastery: The Ultimate Online Business Course?

We’ve embarked on a mission to thoroughly evaluate popular online courses aimed at helping you generate income on the internet. Our reviews are based on extensive research combined with feedback from actual students. While Modern Mastery HQ is undoubtedly a solid course, it falls just short of making it to the top of our list.

How Can Modern Mastery Help You Earn Money?

Modern Mastery is designed to assist you in launching and expanding your own solo business. According to Dan, the creator of the course, “I will provide you with all the knowledge necessary to grow and monetize a one-person business on social media.” However, Modern Mastery encompasses much more than that, as you can see from this snippet from their sales page:

  • Discover insights on freelancing

Who Can Benefit from Modern Mastery?

Modern Mastery presents itself as a platform for individuals seeking to monetize their interests and enhance their lifestyles. It targets those who possess skills, interests, and passions but face challenges in building a low-effort, high-income life amidst the sea of opportunities. With over 1600 people already enrolled, Modern Mastery caters to a diverse range of entrepreneurial goals.

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Is Dan Koe Credible?

Absolutely. Dan has amassed a significant following on social media platforms, boasting 200k followers on Twitter, 250k on Instagram, over 50k on LinkedIn, and a strong presence on YouTube. My research unearthed nothing but praise for Dan and his teachings. People not only admire his writing style, but also commend his communication skills, even describing his videos as addictive.

Are Modern Mastery Students Achieving Results?

A glance at the official Modern Mastery webpages reveals countless testimonials from satisfied students. Many of their achievements are genuinely impressive. While some testimonials offer general praise without specific results, I believe that consistent adherence to the training will yield positive outcomes for most participants.

How Much Does Modern Mastery Cost?

Modern Mastery offers three pricing tiers:

  1. Apprentice Tier – $9/month ($108/year): Gain access to courses, challenges, and accountability to start your entrepreneurial journey on the right foot.
  2. Master Tier – $27/month ($324/year): Delve into advanced marketing, social media, and customer acquisition tactics, fast-tracking your path to five-figure monthly earnings.
  3. Actualized Tier – $297/year: Enjoy bonus access to “Make It Profitable” when you choose the yearly subscription. This bonus course equips you to increase your prices, drive sales, and establish undeniable authority.

In my opinion, the middle tier provides the best value for most individuals. It offers nearly everything that the top tier does but without the need for an upfront annual payment. Keep in mind that while the recommended tools within Modern Mastery are not mandatory, they may require additional investment to fully maximize the course’s potential.

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Is There a Modern Mastery Discount?

Despite my diligent search, I could not find any mention of a discount or coupon code for Modern Mastery. However, if you purchase Dan Koe’s “The 2 Hour Writer” training, you will be offered discounted access to the Master Tier of Modern Mastery for just $5 in the first month. That’s precisely how I enrolled in Modern Mastery!

What About the Refund Policy?

Unfortunately, Modern Mastery does not offer refunds. However, you do have the option to cancel your membership at any time. According to their policy, the content within Modern Mastery has undergone time-tested scrutiny and has the potential to generate over $100,000 throughout your career as a solo business owner.

Unveiling the Modern Mastery Structure

Modern Mastery comprises two key components: the article and training resource library, and the Discord server for discussions, challenges, and more. The training resource library is divided into two main sections:

One-Person Business

This section offers numerous lessons and workshops covering a wide range of business-related topics, including idea generation, marketing, customer acquisition, and building a social media audience.

Lifestyle Design

This subsection explores mental performance, fitness and health, and philosophy and spirituality. Some lessons combine text and video, while others consist solely of text. Interviews are conducted in a long-form fashion and generally exceed an hour in duration. Although the training covers extensive ground, it lacks an obvious order or sequence, making it challenging to navigate.

It is important to note that Modern Mastery delivers exceptional value for its price. Alongside the core content, you’ll also find numerous bonuses, and the active community participation greatly enhances the overall experience.

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Green Lights: What We Appreciate in Modern Mastery

  • Abundance of student testimonials and success stories.
  • Reasonable pricing.
  • Regular updates.
  • Ethical marketing practices.
  • Dan Koe’s credibility.
  • Actively engaged and helpful private community.
  • Strong emphasis on personal mastery.

Red Flags to Consider

  • Recurring expenses to maintain access to the training.
  • No mention of additional expenses beyond the course price on the sales page.
  • No refund policy.
  • Disjointed training structure, making it difficult to locate specific lessons.

Additional Information

If you decide to leave Modern Mastery, canceling your membership is a straightforward process. The main training navigation provides a clear link to cancel.

Should You Join Modern Mastery?

In my opinion, Modern Mastery is an excellent starting point for budding entrepreneurs who are unsure of where to begin. It covers a vast array of topics and provides ample guidance for building an online audience and generating income. Even seasoned entrepreneurs can derive value from the active and supportive Discord community. Priced at just $27 per month, Modern Mastery represents exceptional value for the knowledge and resources it offers. If you already enjoy Dan’s free content on social media, joining Modern Mastery is a no-brainer.

Modern Mastery Alternatives

If you’re interested in exploring other online business programs, here are the top ones we’ve reviewed. Additionally, if freelancing is your focus, we’ve compiled a list of the leading courses in that field.

  • Discover more ways to make money online.

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