Small Crochet Dolls with Removable Clothing (Free Patterns)

Dress Up Your Small Crochet Dolls with Interchangeable Outfits

Our Kozu Palm Pals series offers delightful and easy crochet patterns for dress-up dolls. These patterns were actually the first amigurumi designs we crafted for our blog, and they inspired the launch of Chai Coffee Crochet! The idea for these dress-up dolls came about when my nephews wanted smaller siblings for their larger crochet dolls. Thus, I decided to crochet dolls with removable clothes, as who doesn’t love changing doll outfits?

I recall my envy as a child when my sister’s Barbie had an extensive wardrobe with stylish clothes (think 80s fashion, complete with shoulder pads and leg warmers!). During doll playtime, she would only allow me to borrow her clothes if her doll was the star of the show—the smartest, prettiest, and most popular. So, maybe creating my own crochet doll clothes collection was my way of getting back at my sister. Just kidding, of course! 😄

Small crochet dress-up doll with removable clothes from her wardrobe

About the Crochet Dress Up Doll Patterns

All the Kozu Palm Pals dress-up dolls are made using the same crochet doll body pattern. As you crochet the doll’s base, the magic begins to unfold, transforming it into a unique character!

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One remarkable feature of the Kozu Palm Pals series is that the hair caps are interchangeable for all the amigurumi dolls, not just the dress-up dolls. This customization option allows you to match the doll’s hair to the hairstyle of the child it’s intended for. Additionally, these patterns lend themselves well to creating personalized crochet dolls.

The crochet doll clothes are all removable and can be easily interchanged. To dress the dolls, simply put the clothes on from the legs up (as the doll heads are too large to fit through). It’s worth noting that the clothes are crocheted using the same hook size as the doll bodies. However, yarn sizes and tension may vary, so it’s advisable to try the clothes on your doll as you go to ensure a perfect fit. If the clothes appear too snug or loose, you can adjust the hook size accordingly.

We’re excited to keep adding more dolls with clothes to the Kozu Palm Pals series. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about the latest crochet dress-up dolls!

Note: The patterns are available for free on our blog. For ad-free, print-friendly PDF patterns, you can purchase them from our Ravelry Store.

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Small crochet doll with removable clothes

Small Crochet Dolls with Removable Clothing: Free Patterns

1. Lyla

Lyla is an adorable little crochet doll sporting a ponytail and a cute sundress.

Lyla crochet doll

2. Faiz

Introducing Faiz, our first small crochet boy dress-up doll! His charming little overalls suit both boy and girl dolls alike. We’re excited to crochet more doll clothes for boys in this series!

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Faiz crochet doll with overalls

3. Maya

Maya flaunts adorable pigtails, and her crochet skirt and blouse are simply too cute!

Maya crochet doll with pigtails and a skirt and blouse

4. Zayna

Zayna is a lovely summer crochet doll. With her two braids and tankini, she’s dressed perfectly for a day at the beach!

Zayna crochet doll

5. Noor

Noor features long latched hair and an adorable outfit consisting of jeans, a t-shirt, and a cute little hairband with a bow.

Noor crochet doll

6. Eman

Eman is our sweet little doll with wavy hair and a lacy dress, making her the perfect party companion!

Eman crochet doll with wavy hair and a removable lacy dress

7. Zeena

Zeena is an enchanting crochet witch doll. Her removable dress is suitable for all occasions!

Zeena crochet witch doll

8. Malala

Our Malala doll boasts a completely removable crochet outfit. While her dupatta (or scarf) is not removable, you can create the rest of the outfit for any of the other dolls in the series.

Malala crochet doll with salwar kurta

Final Thoughts on Our Small Crochet Dolls with Removable Clothing

We hope you’ve enjoyed these free crochet dress-up doll patterns! Have fun crocheting these dolls with their stylish outfits suitable for all occasions. Don’t limit yourself to just one doll—try out different hairstyles and mix and match the removable crochet doll clothes to create a collection of dolls with complete wardrobes!

We’d love to see the small crochet dress-up dolls you create, so please share them with us on our Facebook group or on Instagram. Don’t forget to tag us @chaicoffeecrochet.

If you enjoyed these crochet dolls with clothes, be sure to check out the rest of the patterns in our Kozu Palm Pals series.

Small Crochet Dolls with Removable Clothing: Free Patterns

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