Does Dollar General Conduct Background Checks?

Yes, Dollar General performs background checks on all candidates as part of their hiring process. In order to be considered for a position, applicants must give permission for a background check to be conducted. Providing accurate information on the application is crucial, as any inconsistencies will be uncovered during the background check.

What Kind of Background Check Does Dollar General Perform?

The Dollar General background check includes verifying the information provided on the application and conducting various searches to ensure suitability for employment. The following areas are typically checked:

  • Identity and eligibility to work
  • Educational and professional qualifications (if applicable)
  • Employment history
  • Driving record (for driving jobs)
  • Criminal record
  • Credit report (for store management positions)

The credit report obtained during the background check does not reveal the credit score but does provide information on lines of credit, outstanding balances, late payments, defaults, and bankruptcies.

When Does Dollar General Conduct the Background Check?

The hiring process at Dollar General is straightforward. All applications should be submitted online through the Dollar General careers portal. If deemed a suitable candidate, you will be invited for an onsite or remote interview.

After a successful interview, you will receive a conditional offer of employment and a hiring packet via email. It is important to follow the instructions in the hiring packet and promptly submit the required information to the Dollar General System.

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Once your hiring packet is received, the background check will be initiated. It is necessary to complete this step before progressing further in the hiring process. If you do not receive your hiring packet within a few days of receiving the employment offer, it is advisable to contact the hiring manager to ensure its delivery.

How Far Back Does the Dollar General Background Check Go?

Dollar General adheres to state laws when conducting background checks. The time frame covered in these checks can vary depending on the state. While some states only allow background checks to go back 7 years, others have no such limitations. It is safest to assume that Dollar General will search at least 7 years of your history during the background check process. If you reside in a state without a time limit, be prepared for a more extensive look-back period.

Does Dollar General Require Pre-Employment Drug Tests?

For most positions in stores and distribution centers, pre-employment drug tests are not required. However, in the event of a workplace accident resulting in injury, a drug test may be necessary. Dollar General maintains a strict zero-tolerance policy for drug use in the workplace.

CDL driving job applicants for the Dollar General transportation fleet are required to undergo a drug test. This standard DOT analysis examines the urine sample for opiates, cocaine, marijuana, amphetamine and methamphetamine, and phencyclidine (PCP).

How Long Does the Dollar General Background Check Take?

Typically, Dollar General background checks are completed within 2 to 10 days. However, during busier hiring periods, there might be a backlog causing the process to take up to 4 weeks. Delays may also occur if you have lived in multiple states, as local criminal record databases in some areas are not yet accessible online. The relevant courthouses need time to check their records and respond to the background check request. If you have not received an update after 10 days, it is recommended to contact the store or warehouse for an update, as managers cannot request an update before this period.

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How Will You Know If You Successfully Passed the Background Check?

If your background check yields satisfactory results, the Dollar General store or warehouse manager will notify you either by phone or email to inform you that you have been hired. Afterward, you will need to visit the workplace to complete the necessary employment paperwork and receive your shift schedule. To ensure you receive the communication, be sure your phone does not reject calls from unknown numbers and regularly check missed calls and messages. Additionally, check your email daily, including the junk or spam folder. You can also monitor your application status on the candidate portal used during the application process.

If more than 4 weeks pass without hearing anything from the company, it is likely that something negative was found on your background check. In such cases, the company is required to inform you of their decision and follow a legally mandated process.

Does Dollar General Hire Candidates With Criminal Records?

Dollar General does not automatically exclude candidates with criminal records from employment opportunities. While having a criminal history does not immediately disqualify an applicant, Dollar General assesses each case individually. Factors considered include the type of offense and the amount of time that has passed since its occurrence. It is unlikely that Dollar General will hire individuals with theft-related offenses, as many positions involve handling cash and inventory, requiring a high level of trust. Offenses involving assault, sexual assault, or other violent acts could also jeopardize the safety of coworkers and customers, making it unlikely for those with such offenses on their record to be hired. Final hiring decisions rest with the corporate office, and even if a manager initially indicates that the offense is not a problem, a different view might be taken by district managers or human resources personnel upon reviewing the background report. In states where background checks are limited to 7 years, offenses older than this should not appear on the background report.

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What Happens If You Fail the Dollar General Criminal Background Check?

Dollar General, like all employers, must adhere to the guidelines outlined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) when making adverse decisions based on background check information. When an employer rejects a candidate due to negative information in their background report, they are required to issue a pre-adverse action notice. This notice informs you that disqualifying information was found and that the offer of employment is being withdrawn. Pre-adverse action notices are typically sent via email or mail, but they can also be delivered through a phone call or voice message. The notice will provide instructions on how to obtain a free copy of your background report, allowing you to check for errors and dispute any inaccuracies. It will also outline the reconsideration process, which offers an opportunity to provide additional information regarding the circumstances surrounding the offense. This is your final chance to persuade the company to reconsider their decision. If you decide not to dispute the background report, a final notice of adverse action will be sent, officially terminating the hiring process.


All candidates undergoing the Dollar General hiring process are subjected to a background check. This check occurs after a successful interview, and completion of the hiring packet is necessary before the background check commences. Typically, background checks are finalized within 10 days, but during busy periods, it may take up to 4 weeks. The background check covers at least 7 years of your history and examines factors such as identity, employment history, education, and criminal record. Depending on the position, a driving record check and credit report may also be required.

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