Toys & Games: Discover a World of Fun and Creativity

Toys and games have the incredible power to transport children into a world of imagination and creativity. Whether it’s building towering structures, solving puzzles, or playing pretend, these activities enhance cognitive development and foster essential skills. If you’re searching for top-quality toys and games that are not only entertaining but also made with utmost care and attention to detail, look no further. In this article, we’ll explore a wide range of toys and games that meet the highest standards of quality while providing endless hours of enjoyment for children of all ages.

Books for Kids: Unleash the Power of Storytelling

Reading is a gateway to knowledge and a lifelong love of learning. Dive into the enchanting world of children’s literature with exceptional books made in the USA. Apple Pie Publishing, based in Rockwall, TX, offers a delightful collection of hardcover stories written and illustrated by Diane Shapley-Box. These quality books, such as “Adventures of Fred the Frog” and “Tator the Gator,” are perfect for children aged 3 to 7. Immerse your little ones in captivating tales that spark their imagination and ignite a passion for reading.

Furthermore, I See Me, located in Cannon Falls, MN, specializes in personalized children’s books. Written and illustrated in the USA, these books create a magical experience by incorporating your child’s name into the story. From princesses to pirates, these personalized books make storytelling truly special and memorable.

Building Toys: Where Imagination Takes Shape

Building toys are the perfect way to unleash creativity and critical thinking in children. K’NEX, a renowned brand from Hatfield, PA, offers plastic construction toys proudly made in the USA. With their versatile building system, children can create fascinating structures limited only by their imagination. While some components may be manufactured in China, K’NEX ensures the highest quality for a truly immersive building experience.

LuxBlox, based in Galesburg, IL, takes building to a whole new level. Their snap-together plastic blocks, including squares, 3-sided trigons, and multi-wheels, enhance flexibility and allow for folding and bending. The possibilities are endless as children construct unique and intricate creations.

For those looking for a different kind of building experience, Make-A-Fort from Wichita, KS, offers build kits with reinforced, recycled cardboard panels, braces, and foam connectors. Children aged 4 and up can construct indoor forts or play structures. These kits can be combined to create larger and more elaborate projects, providing endless fun and imaginative play.

Zome Tool, headquartered in Denver, CO, offers a wonderful construction toy that combines spherical nodes and colorful plastic struts. With Zome, children can explore the world of geometry and create structures that are both captivating and educational.

Craft Kits and Supplies: Unleash Your Child’s Artistic Side

Nurture your child’s creativity with craft kits and supplies that guarantee hours of artistic exploration. Back to the Roots, based in Oakland, CA, offers organic grow kits that introduce kids to the wonders of gardening. From mushroom grow kits to terrarium grow kits, these fun and educational kits will captivate your child’s interest and teach them about the natural world.

Discount School Supply, located in Carol Stream, IL, is a manufacturer of Colorations paints. These high-quality paints, including tempera, liquid watercolors, and finger paint, are all made in the USA. Let your child’s imagination run wild with a vibrant palette of colors that foster artistic expression.

Terrapin Toys, LLC, from Eugene, OR, presents Mary’s Softdough, a soft modeling dough made from non-toxic ingredients. With an array of beautiful colors and even scented and glitter options, Mary’s Softdough provides a safe and enjoyable sensory experience for children. Additionally, the playdough cutting tools are also proudly made in the USA.

Sculpey Polymer Clay, manufactured by Polyform Products Co. in Elk Grove Village, IL, is an oven-bake clay suitable for artists of all ages. Unleash your child’s creativity with this versatile and easy-to-use modeling medium that allows for endless possibilities.

SD Toyz, located in Anaheim, CA, offers “cast & paint” craft kits that include Skullduggery fossil replicas, Eyewitness and Smithsonian branded kits, and Perfect Cast casting material. These kits provide an engaging and educational experience as children explore the world of archaeology and paleontology. Additionally, SD Toyz offers a range of other products, including RC vehicles, to satisfy young adventurers.

Get ready to embark on a journey of artistic expression with Secrist Doll Co., based in Midland, MI. Their vinyl doll kits allow artists to create beautiful custom dolls. From sculpting facial features to adding skin tones and blush with heat-set paints, these kits provide endless opportunities for creativity. If you prefer, you can also purchase pre-painted kits and select your preferred eye and hair options from Apple Valley Doll Works.

Technique Tuesday, headquartered in Beaverton, OR, offers scrapbooking stamps, blocks, and ink made in the USA. Capture precious memories and unleash your creativity with these high-quality tools.

Wikki Stix, based in Phoenix, AZ, provides wax-coated yarn sticks that bend, twist, and stick to form all sorts of flat and 3-D art creations. Let your child’s imagination soar as they create unique and colorful masterpieces.

Dolls & Dress-Up: Bring Imagination to Life

Dolls and dress-up play are timeless childhood pastimes that foster imagination and social development. Cabbage Patch Kids, a beloved brand from Cleveland, GA, continues to handcraft their original Soft Sculpture dolls in Georgia. These cherished dolls make perfect companions and offer endless opportunities for nurturing and role-playing. Please note that boxed dolls with vinyl heads are imported.

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For enchanting outfits fit for fairy tales, Fairy Finery, Inc. in Golden Valley, MN, offers a delightful range of costumes for fairies, princesses, pirates, and knights. Let your child’s imagination soar as they slip into these magical worlds.

Greenleaf Dollhouses, located in Schenevus, NY, creates wonderfully detailed wooden dollhouse kits, as well as birdhouse kits and more. These kits provide the perfect canvas for imaginative play and offer an opportunity for shared family experiences.

Green Toys Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, CA, produces toy tea sets and more, all made from recycled plastic milk jugs. These eco-friendly toys not only encourage imaginative play but also promote sustainability and environmental awareness.

Jack Be Nimble, based in Asheville, NC, crafts handcrafted costumes for dress-up and pretend play. With high-quality materials and attention to detail, these costumes are made to last and are available in sizes to fit children aged 2 to 10 years. From lovely butterfly and moth wings to sweet coordinating bonnets and hats, these costumes add a touch of magic to playtime.

Piggy Paint, located in Lowell, AR, offers non-toxic, water-based nail polish in a rainbow of colors. Safe for kids, pregnant women, and anyone looking for a safer alternative, Piggy Paint is a fantastic choice. An added bonus is that the polish can be removed with rubbing alcohol instead of acetone, ensuring a gentle and worry-free experience.

Secrist Doll Co., based in Midland, MI, offers vinyl doll kits that allow artists to create custom dolls. These kits provide the opportunity to sculpt facial features, add skin tones and blush with heat-set paints, and even include eye lashes and rooted hair. Alternatively, you can purchase pre-painted kits and choose your preferred eye and hair preferences from Apple Valley Doll Works.

Twinkle Baby, located in Santa Cruz, CA, presents bonding dolls made from soft, organic cotton. These dolls hold your scent to provide comfort to your little ones, fostering a sense of security during naptime or bedtime.

Wildflower Toys, based in Paradise, CA, crafts handcrafted, posable dollhouse dolls. With attention to detail and a touch of whimsy, these dolls add a special touch to any dollhouse. Additionally, Wildflower Toys offers wooden horses, unicorns, and craft/sewing kits for endless creative possibilities.

Flying Toys: Reach for the Skies

Let your child’s imagination take flight with a selection of flying toys that promise exhilarating fun. Arrowcopter, headquartered in Hollister, CA, offers flying helicopter toys that soar through the air and bring joy to children of all ages. Experience the thrill of launching these mini helicopters and watch as they gracefully dance through the sky.

Flarble, based in Glenwood, AR, presents a small flying toy that you release with a snap of your fingers. Explore the fun game suggestions on their website and enjoy hours of outdoor excitement with this engaging toy.

Guillow, a historic brand from Wakefield, MA, has been producing balsa wood airplane kits and flying toys since 1926. Experience the joy of assembling and flying these timeless creations that inspire wonder and capture the essence of aviation.

Stanzel Flying Models, located in Schulenburg, TX, has a long history as a manufacturer of flying models, including airplanes, spacecraft, jet planes, and copters. Although the company has closed, the former factory now serves as a museum, preserving the legacy of these magnificent flying machines.

Aerobie, headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, brings the joy of flight to the palm of your hand with their flying discs, rings, and boomerangs. Available from Rudy’s Toys, these flying toys provide endless outdoor fun.

Model Trains, Tractors, etc.: Toys for the Young at Heart

Model trains, tractors, and more offer a unique and fascinating world of play for enthusiasts of all ages. Llagas Creek Railways, located in Claysville, PA, specializes in flex track and accessories for G Scale/Gauge 1 model railroads. With rail formed in the USA and custom-made switches, Llagas Creek Railways ensures the highest quality for a truly immersive railway experience.

Ross Custom Switches, based in Norwich, CT, offers O-gauge turnouts, switches, and crossings, as well as 18 different sizes of track. These high-quality components allow enthusiasts to create intricate and realistic model train layouts.

Jensen Steam Engines, headquartered in Jeannette, PA, produces model steam engines, steam turbines, and miniature power generating plants. These impressive models showcase the beauty of steam power and provide hours of educational and entertaining experiences.

Scale Model Toys, located in Dyersville, IA, specializes in toy tractor replicas made in the USA. These intricately detailed replicas capture the essence of farming equipment and provide a window into the world of agriculture.

Outdoor Play: Embrace Nature’s Playground

Outdoor play is essential for children’s physical and mental well-being. Jump Rope Store, based in Portland, OR, offers the original plastic segmented jump rope. Available in custom colors and suitable for single or group play, these jump ropes provide a fun way to get active and build coordination.

Louisville Slugger, headquartered in Louisville, KY, manufactures all bats in the USA. They also offer the Practice Partner Premium Line and a range of accessories. While gloves and bags are imported, the bats from Louisville Slugger guarantee top-quality performance.

Simplay3 Company, located in Streetsboro, OH, designs and manufactures kids’ indoor and outdoor play and storage products. From sandboxes to play tables, playhouses, and teeter totters, these products are made in the USA from durable molded plastic. Simplay3 Company was founded by the same visionary behind Little Tikes and Step2 and also produces garden products.

Step2, headquartered in Streetsboro, OH, offers a range of high-quality ride-on toys, climbers, playhouses, and wagons. Manufactured for the US market at factories in Ohio and Georgia, Step2’s products provide endless outdoor fun. (Please note that some products under the “Main Street Village” line are imported.)

Wiffle Ball, Inc., located in Shelton, CT, produces the original Wiffle ball. Perfect for batting and putting, Wiffle Ball offers safe and enjoyable outdoor play for children and adults alike., based in Columbus, OH, introduces a unique twist on the popular bean bag game. These Midwestern-style games involve tossing cornbags into a hole cut in a wooden play board. Gather friends and family and enjoy friendly competition and countless laughs with these entertaining games.

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Pretend Play: Step into a World of Imagination

Pretend play allows children to explore various roles and scenarios, nurturing empathy and creativity. BMC Toys, headquartered in Scranton, PA, offers toy soldier figures and accessories made in the USA using vintage toy molds. With a commitment to quality and historical accuracy, BMC Toys provide a gateway to imaginative play.

Green Toys Inc., located in San Francisco, CA, offers an incredible assortment of toy cars, trucks, tools, bath toys, and tea sets, all made from recycled plastic milk jugs. These eco-friendly toys combine sustainability with endless fun. Additionally, Green Toys Inc. also offers a line of non-toxic play dough for tactile and creative play.

Puzzles & Games: Exercise Your Mind

Puzzles and games stimulate cognitive skills and provide hours of entertainment for children and adults alike. Buffalo Games, a creative company from Buffalo, NY, offers inventive puzzles and puzzle games. With stunning designs and engaging gameplay, Buffalo Games ensures that every puzzle is a memorable experience.

Carrom Co., located in Ludington, MI, is famous for its traditional Carrom game board. Acquiring rights to Foosball, air hockey, and other quality games in the 1990s, Carrom also offers beautiful wooden chess sets, chessboards, and other wooden game boards. Discover the joy of classic games with Carrom.

Channel Craft, headquartered in Charleroi, PA, produces classic American toys, games, and puzzles. With a focus on quality and traditional craftsmanship, Channel Craft offers a range of nostalgic experiences.

Chess House, a purveyor of handcrafted wooden chess boards made in Pennsylvania, provides the perfect platform for strategic play. Search for “made in USA” to ensure you’re choosing a quality product for your chess adventures.

Fractiles, based in Boulder, CO, offers magnetic tiling toys that allow children to create endless geometric patterns. These mesmerizing toys provide a perfect blend of learning and creativity.

Kazoobie Kazoos, located in Beaufort, SC, produces kazoos in all colors and sizes. As the last American manufacturer of plastic kazoos, they also offer delightful metal kazoos shaped like tractors, planes, and horns. Get ready for a musical adventure with Kazoobie Kazoos.

Lauri Toys, headquartered in Smethport, PA, offers craft kits, lacing kits, and crepe rubber puzzles. With an extraordinary replacement piece service, these toys provide both fun and educational experiences.

LoonTune, located in Minneapolis, MN, crafts a spinning toy that mimics the cry of the Common Loon. Produced with assistance from ABC Inc., a non-profit that provides jobs for people with disabilities in Southern Minnesota, LoonTune offers a unique and immersive playtime experience.

Lucy Hammett Games, based in Mineola, TX, presents over 30 different picture bingo games. With fun information and beautiful artwork, these games are made 100% in America. Additionally, “Teacher Editions” are available, catering to larger groups of 18 or 24 players.

Maple Landmark, located in Middlebury, VT, offers classic wooden games, including cribbage, checkers, Chinese checkers, and puzzle cubes. Crafted with care from wood, these games provide entertainment for all ages.

Portrait Puzzles, headquartered in La Crosse, WI, creates custom jigsaw puzzles. Upload your favorite photo to be transformed into a range of puzzle sizes and piece counts. Enjoy a personalized puzzle experience that captures cherished memories.

POOF-Slinky, located in Plymouth, MI, produces metal Slinkys and a variety of foam balls. Several products, including the iconic Slinky and many foam balls, are made in facilities in Michigan and Pennsylvania. (Please check the product descriptions for “Made in USA” to ensure the origin.)

Smethport Toys, based in Smethport, PA, offers classic magnetic drawing faces, including the well-known Wooly Willy. These magnetic toys, perfect for party favors and stocking stuffers, provide endless creative possibilities. Please check the origin when making a purchase.

Springbok Puzzles, located in Kansas City, MO, creates beautiful jigsaw puzzles with no two pieces alike. With different levels of difficulty, these puzzles accommodate puzzle enthusiasts of all ages. Gather the family for a delightful and challenging puzzle experience.

Standard Target & Dart Co., headquartered in St. Clair Shores, MI, specializes in Belgian dartboards made of basswood. These dartboards are complemented by wooden darts featuring real turkey feathers.

SunsOut Puzzles, based in Costa Mesa, CA, offers contemporary jigsaw puzzles with beautiful artwork. With a commitment to sustainability, SunOut Puzzles uses soy-based inks and recycled board. Plus, they proudly state that they do not sell to Walmart.

Tucker-Jones House, located in East Setauket, NY, produces Tavern Puzzles®. Handcrafted from metal, these puzzles come in antique and original patterns. With varying levels of difficulty, these puzzles provide a challenge for puzzle enthusiasts. If you find yourself stumped, Tucker-Jones House provides solutions upon request.

United States Playing Card Co., headquartered in Erlanger, KY, offers high-quality, coated Bicycle brand playing cards. With a wide range of designs, including Dragons, Unicorns, and Coca-Cola, these cards ensure a smooth and enjoyable playing experience. Don’t settle for cheap decks of cards; stick with the trusted quality of United States Playing Card Co.

Virtue Toys, located in Medina, WA, presents The Virtue Game, a board game that helps children understand the virtues of compassion, respect, enthusiasm, trust, friendliness, determination, responsibility, integrity, cooperation, and thankfulness. Engage in meaningful conversations and encourage positive values with this educational and enjoyable game.

Widdy Dart Board Co., based in Philadelphia, PA, has been manufacturing American-style dartboards since the 1920s. With wooden darts featuring turkey feather flights and a range of dart targets and cabinets, Widdy Dart Board Co. ensures a high-quality darting experience.

Ride-Ons: Roll into Adventure

Ride-on toys provide exciting and active play experiences for children. Big Wheel, based in Cedar Rapids, IA, offers the original ride-on toy that many of us remember from our childhood. Thanks to Alpha International, Inc., Big Wheel is back in production, bringing back nostalgic memories and thrilling new generations.

Dirt King USA, located in WaKeeney, KS, manufactures tricycles, wagons, and carts. Made in the USA by Midwest Contracting & Mfg., these ride-on toys feature pneumatic tires on steel rims, tilting handlebars, and adjustable seats for a smooth and comfortable ride.

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Mason Corp., headquartered in Brentwood, TN, produces the Flying Turtle and Roller Racer ride-on toys. These innovative toys bring joy and laughter as children zoom around with ease and excitement.

Rolli-Rider, based in Houston, TX, offers a self-powered, sit-down balance bike for children aged two to six years. Made from birch plywood and maple wood, with hard rubber tires, the Rolli-Rider provides a thrilling ride and promotes balance and coordination.

Step2, located in Streetsboro, OH, is a trusted brand that offers a range of high-quality ride-on toys, climbers, playhouses, and wagons. Manufactured for the US market, these toys provide safe and entertaining experiences for children. (Please note that some products under the “Main Street Village” line are imported.)

Little Tikes, headquartered in Hudson, OH, continues to offer many wonderful products made in the USA. Explore their range of ride-on toys, climbers, playhouses, and wagons that guarantee endless fun. (Please check the product descriptions for “Made in USA” to ensure the origin.)

Stuffed Animals: Cuddly Companions Made with Love

Stuffed animals are cherished playmates that offer comfort and companionship. Big Plush, located in Newark, NJ, specializes in oversized plush animals perfect for room decor, displays, or simply snuggling up to.

‘Em Bears, based in St. Lawrence County, NY, crafts bears, lambs, bunnies, dogs, and penguins. These adorable stuffed animals, including baby-safe options, bring joy and warmth to children of all ages.

Hugg-A-Planet, located in Colchester, VT, produces organic cotton stuffed animals. Made in Vermont, these plush companions offer both comfort and educational value. Explore the wonders of the world with Hugg-A-Planet.

Kathy’s Kreations, based in Camp Verde, AZ, creates deluxe stuffed animals made in the USA. With attention to detail and a commitment to quality, these cuddly friends are perfect for snuggling and imaginative play.

Vermont Teddy Bear, headquartered in Shelburne, VT, offers a delightful range of teddy bears dressed for all occasions. Handmade in America, these bears make the perfect gift for any celebration and bring joy to both children and adults.

Wooden Toys & Dollhouses: Timeless Classics

Wooden toys and dollhouses provide a touch of nostalgia and endless opportunities for imaginative play. BEKA, located in St. Paul, MN, offers wooden art easels, weaving looms, puppet theaters, play furniture, and blocks. Made with care and attention to detail, these wooden toys provide a sturdy and sustainable playtime experience.

Cubbyhole Toys, based in East Dundee, IL, specializes in wooden name puzzles, puzzle stools, and rocking animals. These personalized puzzles and wooden toys make perfect keepsakes and gifts.

Elves and Angels, located in Maine, offers beautiful wooden castles, knights, dollhouses, and doll furniture, as well as barns and stables. Crafted with love and care, these wooden toys inspire magical play experiences.

Greenleaf Dollhouses, headquartered in Schenevus, NY, creates wonderfully detailed wooden dollhouse kits. Transform any space into a miniature world full of imagination and creativity. These dollhouse kits are also available from

Holgate Toys, based in Bradford, PA, has been producing high-quality wooden toys since 1929. From kids’ step stool chairs to the iconic Mr. Rogers’ trolley, Holgate Toys has a wide range of toys that are built to last.

Maple Landmark, located in Middlebury, VT, offers a selection of fabulous wooden toys and trains. Crafted with care, these toys inspire children’s creativity and provide joy for generations.

Mesko Toys, headquartered in Bloomfield, MI, produces train tracks and switch tracks made in the USA from solid maple. Compatible with Brio and Thomas train toys, these tracks offer endless opportunities for imaginative play. Please note that painted toys, including the Maxim brand, are imported.

Milton & Goose presents wood play kitchens, play food, and dollhouses, all crafted in the USA. With a focus on sustainability and quality, these toys provide children with endless hours of imaginative play. Many of these toys are made by Amish craftsmen in Lancaster County, PA.

Our Green House, a retailer of natural and organic products, offers a special page dedicated to toys made in the USA. Discover a range of eco-friendly and high-quality toys that promote both creativity and sustainability. (Please note that I earn a commission on purchases through this link.)

Roy Toy Manufacturing, located in East Machias, ME, creates classic wooden log building sets, just like you remember. Let your child’s imagination soar as they construct log cabins and structures with these timeless toys.

TAG Toys, headquartered in Compton, CA, offers quality wooden manipulative toys for children from birth to 6 years old. These toys, designed to aid children with learning disabilities, provide a fun and engaging way to enhance cognitive and motor skills.

Timberworks Toys, located in Columbia, MO, provides dollhouses and unique wooden building toys made from hard maple. These construction sets, which include wooden planks, timbers, wheels, and widgets, allow children to create their own unique structures.

Uncle Goose Toys, based in Grand Rapids, MI, offers wooden nursery rhyme and alphabet blocks, as well as building toys and puzzles. Crafted with care and featuring beautiful illustrations, these toys ignite children’s imagination and promote early learning experiences.

Wild Apples, located in Trumansburg, NY, presents wonderful wooden pull toys, puzzles, and ark sets. These handcrafted toys inspire imaginative play and provide lasting entertainment.

Whittle Shortline Railroad, headquartered in Kirkwood, MO, creates hand-painted wooden railroad toys, including trains, tracks, bridges, and buildings. Compatible with Brio and Thomas the Tank Engine toys, these wooden trains provide hours of fun and imaginative play. (Please note that I earn a commission on purchases through this link.)

Wildflower Toys, based in Paradise, CA, crafts handcrafted, posable dollhouse dolls, as well as wooden horses and unicorns and craft/sewing kits. These toys provide endless opportunities for imaginative play and creative expression.

You Name It Toys, located in Minneapolis, MN, specializes in handcrafted wooden name puzzles, step stools, and rocking horses. These personalized toys are perfect for celebrating milestones and creating cherished memories.

Rediscover the joy and wonder of play with toys and games that captivate the imagination and bring endless hours of fun. Explore the wide range of options available, each crafted with care and commitment to quality. From books and building toys to puzzles, ride-ons, and cuddly companions, this selection of toys and games made in the USA guarantees exceptional experiences that will be cherished for years to come.

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