How to Easily Find Your Favorite Eddie Bauer Style Number

Eddie Bauer is a renowned brand loved by adventure-seekers and active individuals. This retailer offers durable and top-quality apparel, footwear, and gear. If you’re a devoted Eddie Bauer fan, you might be wondering how to find the style number of your favorite Eddie Bauer item. With the style number in hand, you can search for it in secondhand marketplaces or use it for your online reselling business. In this article, we will explore three different ways to find an Eddie Bauer style number.

Method 1: Using The Eddie Bauer Inside Tag

To find the style number of your Eddie Bauer item, start by looking for a four-digit number. Begin by checking the inside seam of the item, where you may find several tags sewn together. Look for the smallest tag at the back. There, you’ll notice the label “Item#.” The four-digit code immediately after that label is your Eddie Bauer item number or style number.

close up of an eddie bauer style number tag.

Once you have the style number, perform a Google search using it. For example, input “Eddie Bauer 2575.” If you don’t find your item, try adding more specific details like “Eddie Bauer 2575 dress.” This way, you can narrow down the search and identify the exact item, such as the Eddie Bauer Departure Easy Tank Dress.

Method 2: Google Lens

Sometimes, the style number method may not be foolproof, especially for older items or those missing inner tags. However, there are alternative methods to find your Eddie Bauer style number. In this section, we’ll explore how to use Google Lens to perform an image search.

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Depending on your phone, download either the Google app (for iPhone users) or the Google Lens app (for non-iPhone users). Take a picture of the item, ensuring you capture the entire item within the frame. Good lighting is preferable but not essential.

Now, either upload the picture to the Google Lens or Google app or find it in your photo settings under “Search with Google Lens.”

screenshot of a google lens search for an eddie bauer dress.

You’ll start to see results resembling your Eddie Bauer item. These results will likely lead you to different secondhand marketplaces where you can obtain more information or make a purchase. In the case of newer Eddie Bauer items, you may also be directed to the official retailer’s website.

Remember, just like the style number method, the Google Lens approach isn’t foolproof. But don’t worry, we have one more trick up our sleeves.

Method 3: Keyword Descriptors

In this final section, we’ll teach you how to write a detailed description of the item. This description will serve as your input for a Google search, helping you find your Eddie Bauer style number.

Here’s an example: “Eddie Bauer women’s mini dress sleeveless v-neck tie waist orange.”

an orange eddie bauer athletic dress on a white mannequin.

As you can see, the description includes the brand, intended gender, type of item, type of sleeve, type of neck, color, and other unique embellishments. If applicable, include information about the material, pattern, and other identifying features in your description. Feel free to modify or add descriptors to refine your search results.

Once you have your detailed description ready, enter it into a Google search. You might have to browse through the results to find what you’re looking for. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different combinations of item descriptors if you don’t find your item on the first try.

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And there you have it! Now you’re equipped with the knowledge to easily find any Eddie Bauer style number. Which method do you find most effective? Share your experience in the comments below!

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