11 Charms That Bring Wealth and Prosperity

Many business owners enjoy displaying figurines associated with prosperity. It’s common to see these lucky charms in stores, either placed on a shelf or hanging by the entrance to attract good sales.

After the challenging year we’ve all experienced, it wouldn’t hurt to join in and hope for a little extra help for the year ahead. Here are some Feng Shui activators that can enhance your business success during the upcoming year of the metal ox in 2021.

The Importance of Feng Shui Art

In Feng Shui art, it’s essential to consider the use of space and the flow of energy. Traditionally, the “wealth area” of a space is found in the Northern and Southeastern corners. These areas represent career and money, so keep this in mind when placing your chosen charms.

For Good Luck

Ox Statue

The ox is a symbol of faithfulness, honesty, responsibility, and profound loyalty. It’s not only one of the most beloved signs of the Chinese zodiac but also the first sign set to win the cycle next year. The Lucky Ox is known for its generosity towards humans, its deep sense of justice, and its reliability. Placing an image of the Ox sitting on a bed of coins in the northwest section of your business space will provide you with the necessary strength to overcome obstacles and ensure the loyalty of those around you.


The dragon is one of the four celestial beings and holds immense importance in Feng Shui. It is considered the most powerful and sacred creature in Chinese culture—a supreme symbol for luck, abundance, power, and honor. In 2021, the golden dragon is believed to be a powerful activator of success.

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Money Tree

The Money Tree, available in various sizes, is another renowned ornament believed to bring business and financial luck. It’s considered the Feng Shui remedy plant of 2021. To attract good energies of prosperity, happiness, and luck, add multicolored stones including amethysts to the tree. An Amethyst Quartz Gemstone Money Tree is especially beneficial for the office as it balances energies between coworkers and bosses. You can place the money tree near the cash register or at the southeast corner of your office.

The Laughing Buddha

Known as the Buddha of Happiness in Feng Shui, the Laughing Buddha is said to be the luckiest charm for businesses. The Laughing Buddha brings abundance, wealth, and joy into homes and places of business because nothing makes him happier than seeing our problems and worries go away. When choosing a Laughing Buddha statue, opt for one that is big and has a large belly to rub. The rounder the belly, the more auspicious the Buddha, and rubbing the belly is believed to make your wishes come true. Place the Laughing Buddha on your office desk or in the southeast sector of your workplace to attract wealth.

Laughing Buddha

I-Ching Coins

Also known as Feng Shui coins, these round coins with a square-cut center and Chinese characters engraved on them are well-known symbols of good fortune. The round shape represents heaven, and the square center-cut symbolizes earth. This combination attracts positive energy from both realms. It’s common to receive one coin inside a sealed red Ang Pow envelope as a symbol of wishing luck and fortune to the owner. For the year of the Ox, hanging three I-Ching coins on the inside front of your doorknob is believed to bring in extra luck and wealth. If you’re in retail, it’s best to always have these coins with you to bring luck and prosperity to your business.

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For Wealth

Red Agate Money Tree and Pi Yao/Pixiu Wealth Prosperity Figurine

You’ll often find these figurines in banks, casinos, and foreign exchange markets. The money tree brings abundance, happiness, and harmony, while the dragon-like creatures, Pixiu/Pi Yao, act as protectors of Feng Shui followers and the tree. They’re extremely powerful mystical hybrid animals, known as the chimera or winged lions. Pi Yao is believed to do its best in satisfying the wishes of its owner. In 2021, this combination figure is a powerful activator for business people and merchants looking to increase their earnings.

Money Frog

Similar to the other charms mentioned here, the Money Frog is believed to attract wealth and good business. It’s available in gold or porcelain, with many Feng Shui experts considering it the most significant symbol of prosperity. For 2021, it’s advised to get the golden Money Frog. The figurine typically depicts a frog sitting on coins or one with a coin in its mouth. It should be displayed on the northern side of your space or near the entrance, facing inward and never outward.


Many people hang the Bagua above a door to analyze the energy in a space. This Feng Shui item represents the eight essential areas of one’s life, including health and family, wealth and abundance, and love and marriage, among others. The Bagua also acts as a mirror that absorbs and traps any unlucky and negative energy in its center, while spreading positive energy from its outer octagon.


Feng Shui Coin Sword

The Feng Shui Coin Sword is known for warding off negative energy and is used for wealth, protection, and business. Some Feng Shui practitioners display two coin swords in the shape of an X on their doors to fend off envious and jealous neighbors.

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For Prosperity

Lucky Cat

You’ll often come across a golden cat cheerfully waving at you in restaurants and stores selling various goods. Known to bring prosperity, this feline figurine can be placed in any area where you desire luck to enter. Many business owners prefer placing it near the entrance or the cashier.

Lucky Cat

Incense Sticks

Incense sticks are believed to drive away negative energy and evil spirits, even during the dreaded ghost month. There are different kinds of incense available depending on what you’re wishing for, but red ones are commonly used by many business owners to wish for business growth.

Incense Sticks

2021 is the Year of the Metal Ox, following the Year of the Metal Rat. It signifies a year full of business and career opportunities, as well as good relationships in love and partnerships. In the Chinese Zodiac, the Ox is known for its hardworking and methodical nature, making 2021 a year where hard work will be greatly rewarded. So, if you put in considerable effort into your business, you can expect luck and wealth in the coming year.

While these charms can be beneficial, remember not to depend solely on them for the success of your business. Ultimately, nothing beats hard work and perseverance.

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