Connecticut: An Easy Solution for Fix and Flip Financing

The Key to Profitability in Real Estate Investment

To succeed in the highly competitive real estate market, you need the vision to spot a diamond in the rough and the funds to turn it into a masterpiece. That’s where ABL’s fix and flip loans come in. We offer real estate investor financing to both seasoned investors and first-time borrowers with the knowledge that prompt action is crucial to seize investment opportunities.

Quick and Flexible Financing Solutions

ABL provides financing solutions that traditional lending institutions simply can’t match. Our streamlined process allows for speedy closings, with as little as three to four days if all paperwork is in order. On average, our loans close within 10 days. We offer hard money loans that cover up to 85% of the property’s purchase price and 100% of the repair costs. Visit our website for more information on our process, rates, and loan requirements.

New Construction Made Easy

At ABL, we understand that market conditions and seasons can greatly impact the pace of your new construction projects. When traditional financing options fall short, our innovative new construction loans in Connecticut provide the flexibility and speed you need. These loans are exclusively available to experienced investors, contractors, and builders who can borrow up to 70% of the land value and 100% of the construction costs.

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Our underwriting requirements are flexible, without minimum credit score restrictions. However, rest assured that ABL prioritizes profitability for all parties involved. For more details on our rates and criteria for these 12-month construction loans, please refer to our website.

Connecticut Rental Loans for Savvy Investors

Asset Based Lending specializes in private rental loans designed for buy and hold investors in Connecticut. Our doc-light rental loans cater to 1-4 family property investments, with single rental loans reaching up to $3M and rental portfolio loans totaling up to $6.25M. With rates as low as 6.75% and leverage up to 80% LTV, we offer the most competitive loans for rental properties.

We strive to offer a simple and flexible loan process, presenting various rental loan options such as 30-year amortization, ARM, and interest-only options. Regardless of your experience level, we evaluate each deal based on the property’s income-producing potential. Our top-notch team collaborates with the finest local appraisers, attorneys, and title agents to guarantee a five-star experience from beginning to end. Contact us today if you’re interested in CT rental loans.

ABL: Your Local Real Estate Partner

With over a decade of experience in lending throughout Connecticut and the Northeast, ABL has honed its expertise in the local real estate markets. Whether you’re eyeing new condo builds in Stamford or planning a fix and flip project in Norwalk, we have tailored loan options to suit your specific needs.

Based on comprehensive data analysis, ABL has identified Hartford and Bridgeport as top choices for real estate investors. These cities have witnessed a surge in residents relocating from New York City, driving their real estate markets to flourish and offering high returns on investment. Connect with us today to explore how our hard money loans can assist you in investing in these areas.

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Remember, ABL is here to make your real estate dreams a reality in Connecticut. Let us be your trusted financial partner.

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