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Mommy has been thinking that it’s time for me to have a new doll. The ones I have been playing with for a while now have definitely seen better days. Last Christmas, I received them, so mommy believes it’s time to start looking for a new doll for this Christmas. During her regular research, she stumbled upon a company that sells the most exquisite dolls. These dolls come from different countries and have fascinating stories behind them. Mommy contacted the company to see if I could get one, and they agreed. Now, let me introduce you to the Hearts for Hearts Girls from Playmates Toys.

The Hearts for Hearts Girls Mission

Every doll from Hearts for Hearts Girls is inspired by real girls from various places worldwide. Each doll has her own unique story, with ideas on how to improve the lives of her family, community, country, and the world. When you buy one of these dolls, a dollar from the purchase price is donated to programs that support children in the doll’s region. For example, they provide malaria nets in Ethiopia, warm blankets in Appalachia, and ducks in India. Hearts for Hearts Girls aims to help girls thrive and empower them to “change the world one heart at a time!”

Mosi – Native American

Mommy and I were fortunate enough to receive Mosi, the Native American doll, for review. This is the first time mommy believed that a review product was too beautiful for me to play with. She said Mosi is a collectible and it belongs to her. Can you believe that? What even is a collectible? I thought all the items sent to me were meant for me to play with. Well, mommy thinks Mosi is too special for me, and she might be right.

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Mosi is a 10-year-old Native American girl who lives with her family on a sheep ranch near Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her mother is a potter who is dedicated to preserving their cultural art. Meanwhile, her father takes care of the ranch, which includes their sheep and llamas. During the summer, Mosi visits her grandmother who resides on the reservation. She listens intently as her grandmother shares old stories about their people and teaches her how to spin yarn from sheep’s wool. Mosi and her grandmother sometimes attend pow-wows, where they marvel at the dancers in their stunning costumes. When Mosi asks her grandmother why she doesn’t leave the reservation for Santa Fe, her grandmother wisely responds, “My heart cannot walk two paths.” This makes Mosi contemplate whether she can be a girl who does.

Supporting a Cause

Apart from their beauty, mommy appreciates the fact that a portion of each doll’s purchase funds go toward helping the doll’s country of origin. With dolls representing different regions worldwide, there is nothing quite like aiding a country in need. Think of it as a good deed for the year. The donation from the purchase of Mosi goes toward benefiting Native Americans in North America.

Attention to Detail

These dolls are not only full of character, but also come with intricate detailing. Each doll includes a little storybook that provides insight into their lives and histories. My Mosi came with her own adorable little comb. Additionally, there was a Hearts for Hearts Girls bracelet, which I can wear to show my support (if mommy allows me, that is).

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Exquisite Features and Accessories

The recommended age for these dolls is 6 years and above, so they are not soft dolls. If I accidentally hit myself with Mosi, I would surely feel it. Now, let’s talk about her details. A lot of thought has been put into her appearance, from her striking brown eyes to her shiny black hair. Her eyes are painted open and do not close, so if you prefer a doll whose eyes can close, you might be disappointed. However, don’t let that discourage you from getting her. With her eyes open, she is still stunning, as you can see in the images. The feather in her hair is unfortunately made of plastic. Mommy and I were hoping it would be a real feather. Nonetheless, Mosi’s accessories are beautifully crafted. Her earrings, bracelet, and little boots are all delightful. Her clothing is inspired by Native American culture, featuring a printed dress and leggings. The silver eagle earrings and the silver heart bangle add to her charm. I can just imagine Mosi running around her little village and playing with the other children.


Mommy and I absolutely adore our Hearts for Hearts Girls doll, and we highly recommend that you get one for your little one or even for yourself this holiday season. Show your support and make a difference. Hearts for Hearts Girls has definitely earned my Two Tiny Thumbs Up, and Mommy’s Big Thumbs Up as well!

Hearts for Hearts Girls dolls are available at various retailers, such as ToysRUs, Target, Amazon, Meijer, Walmart, and Barnes & Noble. You can also purchase your own Hearts for Hearts Girls doll on the Playmates Toys website. Stay connected with Hearts for Hearts Girls through their social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.

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