How to Publish on Amazon KDP Without Writing: A Comprehensive Guide


In a previous article, we discussed the detailed process for Nigerian self-publishers to get started on Amazon KDP. Now, we’re back to address a burning question: Can you publish on Amazon KDP without actually writing a book? By the end of this article, we’ll have the answer.

The Two Methods to Publish Without Writing

publish on amazon kdp without writing

Let’s dive into the business at hand. There are primarily two ways to publish on Amazon KDP without writing a single word:

Method 1: Creating Notebooks, Journals, Logbooks, and Workbooks

One effective route to publishing on Amazon KDP without writing is by crafting notebooks, journals, logbooks, and workbooks for print-on-demand. These formats cater to a paperback publishing model.

To get started, create these publications using suitable tools we’ll discuss later. Ensure they meet the required quality standards, both in terms of the interior and exterior of the books. Let’s explore the essential notebook standards for a successful Amazon KDP publishing journey.

The Key Amazon Notebook Standards You Should Know

When it comes to notebooks, the standards apply to both the interior and exterior parts of the book. Here’s the breakdown:

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Interior Part Standard

  • Opt for an 8.5 *11-inch size.
  • The interior should be color white.
  • Ensure that interior lines fall within the margins for notebooks without bleed.
  • The distribution of interior lines should be even.
  • Objects or images added should not be watermarked.

Exterior Part Standard

  • Calculate the book cover size using the standard Amazon KDP book cover size calculator.

Follow the Amazon KDP calculator guidelines:

  • Choose Paperback as the binding type.
  • Select Black and White Paper for the interior type.
  • Opt for white paper as the paper type.
  • Set the page turn direction as left to right, the standard reading movement (except for specific cases like Arabic, which is right to left).
  • Use inches as the measurement units.
  • Set the interior trim size as 8.5” by 11” for notebooks.
  • Specify the page count to match the number of pages in your notebook.
  • Ensure all front-page writings are within the margin.
  • Avoid watermarks on any objects or images added.

Method 2: Creating Color Books and Sketchbooks

Another pathway to self-publishing on Amazon KDP without writing is through the creation of color books and sketchbooks.

Color books are specifically designed for children to color objects or elements within the book. Crafting a color book or sketchbook requires incorporating artistic designs that entice children to engage with the content.

How to Self-Publish on Amazon KDP Without Writing using Canva

To generate the necessary designs for your color books and sketchbooks, you can explore online platforms offering copyright-free templates. Websites like and are excellent resources.

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When creating color books, it’s important to adhere to interior and exterior guidelines to meet Amazon’s book publishing standards.

The Guidelines to Kindle Direct Publishing for the Interior Part of the Color Book

Follow these steps for the interior part of your color book:

  1. Choose the book size, typically 8.5 by 11 inches.
  2. Import the downloaded template. You can either import each template using the gallery import function or add the entire template to your upload section.
  3. Ensure that the templates fit within the margins and don’t contain any watermarks to avoid future copyright infringements.
  4. Leave a blank space before the next template, as per the publishing standards.
  5. Create a title page or ownership page at the very beginning of the color book, with a similar format to the notebook’s ownership page.
  6. Export the color book as a PDF print format.

Before exporting, it’s advisable to research existing color books on Amazon to gain a better understanding of the preferred format. Additionally, be sure to export the color book in PDF print format using Canva. Congratulations! You’ve completed the color book template.

The Guidelines to Kindle Direct Publishing for the Exterior Parts of the Color Book

To cover the exterior part of your color book, follow these steps:

  1. Utilize the Amazon KDP book cover size calculator to determine the appropriate book size.
  2. Create a custom page with the calculated length and height of the book cover.
  3. Design the color book cover, ensuring it doesn’t infringe upon any copyrights.
  4. Export the cover as a PDF file, as it will be published in paperback format on Amazon KDP.
  5. Congratulations, once again! You’ve completed the entire process. Now, you can publish your color books.
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Remember, the same principles apply to sketchbooks. Text color books can also be created using these steps, but they will serve different purposes. Be sure to study color books popular in your target audience’s country. Tailor your content to inspire potential buyers, while avoiding any plagiarism or copyright infringement.


In conclusion, this article has shed light on how you can publish on Amazon KDP without writing a single word. You can achieve this by creating notebooks, color books, journals, workbooks, sketchbooks, or logbooks. By following the guidelines provided, you’ll be able to successfully self-publish on Amazon KDP.

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