How to Transfer Money from Dasher Direct to Your Bank Account

Knowing how to transfer money between your DasherDirect account and different bank accounts is crucial. Having a DasherDirect account provides a convenient way to use your DoorDash earnings right away. In this article, we will guide you on how to transfer money from your DasherDirect to your bank account.

What is DasherDirect?

DasherDirect is a prepaid bank card offered by DoorDash, the popular online food ordering company, to its delivery partners known as ‘Dashers’. This service, a collaboration between DoorDash, Visa, and Payfare, allows Dashers to access their earnings immediately without the hassle of cashing out or making transfers to bank accounts.

The signup process is simple and can be done through the DoorDash app. All you need to provide is your name, address, social security number, and a copy of your driver’s license. Once approved, you can access your DasherDirect account via the DasherDirect application, which is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play. DasherDirect is powered by Payfare, a digital banking app.

Users have praised the application for its ease of use. The application process usually takes around 3 business days for approval.

You have the option to use your money in your DasherDirect account with both a physical card and a virtual one. The Dasher Direct Virtual Card allows you to access your funds even if your physical card hasn’t arrived yet. Once you receive the physical card, you can activate it through the DasherDirect app.

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But why should you have a DasherDirect account instead of using your regular bank account to receive your earnings?

The Advantages of a DasherDirect Account

Using a DasherDirect prepaid bank card offers several perks that make it an appealing alternative to transferring money to a bank account. Firstly, you can access your earnings instantly without any additional costs. Without a DasherDirect account, you would have to wait a couple of days for the money to be transferred to your bank account. With DasherDirect, you can spend the money you’ve earned right after your shift.

It’s important to note that DasherDirect has a daily cap of $1000 for payouts. If you earn more than that amount, you will have access to the remaining funds on the following day.

Dashers also receive a 2% discount on gas if they use their DasherDirect card for purchase. This is great news for delivery partners who rely on motor vehicles for their shifts. In the long run, having a DasherDirect account can help Dashers save a significant amount of money.

The DasherDirect app functions like any other banking app. You can view your purchases and easily transfer money to friends and family. It even provides the locations of free ATMs without withdrawal fees. As it is not a traditional bank account, there’s no requirement for a minimum balance on your card.

However, like any similar service, there are a few fees to be aware of. For instance, there is a 3% foreign transaction fee, and after 12 months of inactivity, a $2.50 fee will be charged.

If you have accumulated a substantial amount of money in your DasherDirect account, you may consider transferring your earnings to your personal bank account. Here’s how you can do it:

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Moving Money to Your Bank Account

Transferring money from your DasherDirect to your bank account is a straightforward process. Follow these simple steps:

  1. When you’re on the DasherDirect main menu, click on “More.”
  2. On the next screen, click on “Move Money.”
  3. On the following page, select “Send money to someone.” Here, you can enter your own bank account details or those of anyone else you wish to transfer the money to.

That’s it! Your money should arrive in your bank account within 1 to 2 days. Just like with a regular bank account, you can transfer money to anyone, not just to your personal bank account.

DasherDirect offers numerous benefits to its users, and transferring money from it to other bank accounts has never been easier.

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