Cirque Italia: A Memorable Family Experience

Cirque Italia

We recently had the pleasure of attending Cirque Italia, a captivating show located across from the Palm Beach Kennel Club in West Palm Beach. While we have been to many Cirque performances before, this was our first experience with Cirque Italia. This multicultural show brings together performers from around the world, and now, for the first time ever, the Gold Unit has arrived in West Palm Beach!

An Unforgettable Performance

Cirque Italia review

The intimate setting of the blue and white big-top tent provided an up-close and personal experience for the audience. Every seat, although a bit cozy, offered a fantastic view of the central stage. The best part? The tickets are incredibly affordable, with some priced as low as $10. Plus, children get in for free! If you’ve never witnessed a Cirque du Soleil show, prepare to be amazed. Cirque Italia offers a mesmerizing animal-free event, showcasing the incredible feats of human capability.

Mesmerizing Acts from Around the World

One of the highlights for us was the juggling performance by the talented artists from Argentina. We were also captivated by the neon roller skaters from Italy. Our 9-year-old son, Luke, couldn’t get enough of the thrilling “Zipper” act and the guy jump-roping on the outside of the rotating cage. Talk about high-intensity entertainment!

Clowns at Cirque Italia

Our 14-year-old daughter, Makani, who has seen her fair share of performance shows, was hoping for a more exciting water-themed act. Nevertheless, she thoroughly enjoyed the music, especially the inclusion of her favorite artists like Daft Punk. The clowns also had her in stitches – they were truly hilarious!

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My husband Luis and I were impressed by the diverse range of talented performers from different corners of the globe. At the end of the show, we were touched as they paraded around the stage, proudly representing their home countries. From Eastern Europe to South America and even Cuba, the sense of cultural exchange was palpable. While there was one performance we found slightly risqué, considering the sultry jazz rendition of “Ain’t No Sunshine,” the overall quality of the acts and costumes was outstanding.

Death-defying stunts at Cirque Italia

Tips for an Enjoyable Experience

Here are a few tips to make the most of your Cirque Italia experience:

  • Arrive at least 30 minutes early to secure your seats.
  • Please note that video and photography are not allowed during the show.
  • Remember to wear closed-toed shoes, as the event takes place on a sanded lot.
  • Bring cash for the carnival-like concessions, including reasonably priced light-up toys that your kids will surely beg for.

Cirque Italia concessions

Event Information

  • When: March 1-4
  • Where: 1111 North Congress Avenue, West Palm Beach, FL 33409 (Across the street from Palm Beach Kennel Club)
  • Showtimes:
    • March 1 – Thursday: 7:30pm
    • March 2 – Friday: 7:30pm
    • March 3 – Saturday: 1:30pm, 4:30pm, 7:30pm
    • March 4 – Sunday: 1:30pm, 4:30pm, 7:30pm

Cirque Italia schedule

Get Your Tickets Now!

Tickets for Cirque Italia start at $10 and can be purchased through their website or by phone at (941) 704-8572. You can also inquire about tickets via text message. Alternatively, tickets may be available for purchase at the box office or through platforms like Groupon.

Box office hours:

  • Non-show days: 10am – 6pm
  • Show days: 10am – 9pm
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Cirque Italia also offers a fantastic deal: one free child admission with every full-priced paying adult ticket in levels 2 or 3. Use the provided code to avail of this offer and enjoy an unforgettable family outing!

Free Child Admission

Discover the Magic of Cirque Italia

Since its inception in 2017, Cirque Italia, the first traveling Water Circus, has continually pushed the boundaries of the industry. This year, with the introduction of the Gold Unit, they have only raised the bar. This luxurious experience combines technology and performing arts to create an unprecedented show. Expect to be mesmerized by their state-of-the-art water curtain, which meticulously controls every droplet of water, creating a stunning visual display.

Cirque Italia Water Curtain

As always, Cirque Italia has assembled a cast of world-class performers representing various countries, including Russia and Mexico. This commitment to multiculturalism sets them apart and ensures a truly unique experience for every audience member.

To learn more about Cirque Italia and stay updated with their latest news, visit their website at You can also connect with them on social media:

  • Twitter: @CirqueItalia
  • Instagram: @cirqueitaliashow
  • Facebook: @cirque.italia

Disclosure: This article is a result of our partnership with Bloggin’ Mamas and Cirque Italia. While we have been compensated for this collaboration, all opinions and genuine excitement expressed within are entirely our own.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets now and prepare to be dazzled by the magical world of Cirque Italia!

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