The Disappearance of Liddle Kiddles Dolls: An Unexpected Twist

Storybook Kiddles (1967)

Transporting Fairy Tales to Life: The Magic of Storybook Kiddles

Mattel’s latest venture, Storybook Kiddles, works wonders as you read your little one their favorite fairy tales. These miniature dolls can be held in your child’s hands, bringing the stories to life. Each Storybook Kiddle represents a beloved character, such as Liddle Red Riding Hiddle, Peter Paniddle with Tinker Bell, Liddle Middle Muffet, and Liddle Biddle Peep. Accompanying each doll is an illustrated storybook, providing a delightful read-aloud experience. But the magic doesn’t stop there! After the story concludes, these Storybook Kiddles encourage your child to create their own captivating adventures, perhaps even surpassing the original tales.

Liddle Kiddle Talking House: A Home for Countless Kiddles (1968)

Step Inside the Talking Kiddie House:

“Welcome to the abode of the Liddie Kiddies,” exclaims the Talking Kiddie House when the ring at its back is pulled, delighting children with ten different phrases. This enchanting two-story house, measuring 12 x 7-1/2 x 10 inches, allows Kiddles to ride the elevator, simply turn the handle to ascend or descend. With ample space for numerous Kiddies, this molded vinyl house also features Slipsy Sliddle dressed fashionably in bell-bottom slacks, a blouse, and white shoes. Her rooted hair is elegantly adorned with ribbons. Bendable and poseable, she measures 3 inches and comes with a molded slide and book. (Additional Kiddles shown not included.)

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Lucky Locket Kiddles Jewelry: Charms and Fragrance (1968)

Three Lucky Kiddles Await: Lucky Locket, Charm Bracelet, and Kiddle Kologne

Embrace good fortune with the trio of adorable Kiddles: The Lucky Locket Kiddle, the Charm Bracelet Kiddle, and the scented Kiddle Kologne. Lorelei Locket Kiddie, standing at a mere 2 inches, brings luck with her golden necklace and bracelet. The charming flower charm securely holds a tiny 1-1/16-inch Kiddle with rosy cheeks and vibrant pink hair. Within the Honeysuckle Kologne decanter resides a 2-inch Kiddle with a posing stand. Accompanied by a 4-1/2-inch plastic decanter, this Kiddle features removable bendable vinyl and rooted hair. Collectible and wearable, the Lucky Locket Kiddles arrive with their own locket, chain, clip, and stand. Let your little ones unleash their imagination as they play with these dolls that can be easily removed from their lockets.

Vintage Liddle Kiddles Playsets (1960s)

Discover the Delightful World of Tiny Liddle Kiddles

Experience the enchantment of tiny 2-1/2- to 3-1/2-inch Liddle Kiddles, who reside in their imaginative Liddle Kiddie Land. Each Liddle Kiddle arrives with their own toy, a comb, and a brush to tame their vinyl rooted hair. With their poseable arms and legs, these dolls are ready to embark on any adventure your child can dream up.

The Liddle Kiddles: Retro Treasures (1965)

Meet the Teeniest, Tiniest Little Personalities: The Liddle Kiddles!

Introducing Lola Liddle, the doll who loves sailing and comes with her sailboat. Bunson Burnie, the world’s littlest fire chief, is always ready for action with his trusty fire engine. Greta Griddle is the renowned hostess, famous for her exceptional tea parties. Millie Middle has an insatiable love for all things involving sand, including her sandbox. Seek out Calamity Jiddle, a cowboy enthusiast, who gallops around on her very own rocking horse. Howard, affectionately called “Biff” Boodle, is eager for you to pull his tiny wagon. Babe Biddle relishes the thrill of driving, even boasting her very own sports car. And don’t forget the smallest of them all, Liddle Diddle, who prefers to snooze in her crib. Lastly, meet Florence Niddle, always seen accompanied by her baby buggy.

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Telly Viddle & Beddy Bye Biddle Dolls and Accessories

Entertainment and Slumber with Telly Viddle and Beddy Bye Biddle

Telly Viddle, equipped with a revolving TV set, allows you to change channels by turning the selector. This 3-3/4 inch bendable vinyl doll is dressed in a charming play dress, complete with matching shoes and bow. Nestled inside the “Pretzel” box, Telly arrives with a book.

Prepare Beddy Bye Biddle for a peaceful night’s sleep as she dons her lace-trimmed nighty and complementing bow. The molded plastic bed, featuring a flower print bedspread and pillow, creates a cozy atmosphere. Like Telly, Beddy Bye Biddle stands at 3-1/2 inches and is made of bendable vinyl. Her rooted hair is ready for combing and styling. A comb, brush, and book accompany this doll.

Delightful Liddle Kiddles with Coordinated Accessories

Exclusively at Sears: Baby Liddle and Carriage

Push Baby Liddle in her plastic carriage, as the wheels turn effortlessly. This set includes a mattress and pillow for Baby’s comfort. Dressed in a soft bib and panties outfit, Baby Liddle’s hair is neatly styled with a ribbon. Her captivating eyes and wistful smile make her irresistibly appealing. With a poseable vinyl body, Baby Liddle arrives with a brush and comb.

Vintage View-Master – The World of Liddle Kiddles

Enter the World of Liddle Kiddles with View-Master

Immerse yourself in the captivating Liddle Kiddles realm with this View-Master set, which consists of three discs featuring 21 stereo pictures.

Liddle Kiddles Coloring Pages/Figure Guide Sheets (1968)

Coloring Fun with Liddle Kiddles

Enjoy a plethora of free printables, including coloring pages, on our partner site,!

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Playhouse Kiddles: A Retro Coloring Book from Whitman (1971)

Unleash the Imagination: Playhouse Kiddles Coloring Book

Take a trip down memory lane with the Playhouse Kiddles coloring book from Whitman.

Embark on a journey with Liddle Kiddles and relish the nostalgia associated with these miniature dolls. Their disappearance from the market is marked by an unexpected twist, leaving collectors and enthusiasts longing for their return.

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