Lunt-Fontanne Theatre: A Guide to Seating Chart for Sweeney Todd

Exploring the Seating Chart

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Understanding Your Ticket Options

With a history dating back to 1910, the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre has become synonymous with iconic Broadway productions like The Sound of Music. With a seating capacity of 1,470, it offers a slightly larger venue for theatergoers. Originally named the Globe Theatre, it pays homage to Shakespeare’s renowned theater in England.

When it comes to choosing your seats at Lunt-Fontanne Theatre for Sweeney Todd, you’ll have the choice between the Orchestra and Mezzanine sections. Within these sections, there are Left, Center, and Right options available, as well as Front Left, Front Center, and Front Right. For the most direct view of the stage, the Center seats are always recommended.

The Best Seats at Lunt-Fontanne Theatre

Due to the intricacies of the Sweeney Todd set design, visitors have expressed that sitting up close in the Orchestra section is well worth it. The prime seats at Lunt-Fontanne Theatre are situated in the front rows of the Center Orchestra and Center Front Mezzanine. Specifically, rows D to J in the Center Orchestra provide the ultimate viewing experience. Rows A and B in the Center Front Mezzanine are also excellent choices.

Of course, not everyone can afford the “best” seats for a Broadway show. Fortunately, rows C and D in the Center Front Mezzanine, as well as the middle rows of the Center Orchestra, still offer a decent view of the stage. Rows B and C of the Rear Mezzanine are also considered great options for those seeking more affordable tickets.

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Avoiding Obstructed Views

Considering that the stage at Lunt-Fontanne Theatre is elevated, many visitors recommend opting for the front mezzanine seats over the orchestra. Sitting too close to the stage could result in an obstructed view. However, TickPick, our ticket provider, will notify you in case of any major obstructions when selecting your tickets.

Accessible Seating at Lunt-Fontanne Theatre

While Lunt-Fontanne Theatre does not have elevators or escalators, it does offer some accessible seating options. The venue provides step-free access from street level to the lobby and Orchestra section at 205 West 46th Street.

The Orchestra section offers five wheelchair spaces in rows G, W, and Z, each accommodating up to three guests. Additionally, there are 12 transfer seats available throughout the Orchestra section. The Front Mezzanine also has three transfer seats, although this area can only be accessed via stairs.

Finding Affordable Tickets for Sweeney Todd

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