Meet the Enchanting Magic Attic Dolls

Unveiling the Dollightful Dolls

Magic Attic Dolls

The Magic Attic Club introduces a captivating tale of a group of girls stumbling upon a treasure trove of dress-up garments in an attic. As they cast their gaze upon the enchanted looking glass, they are instantly whisked away to a different era and realm that the splendid attire originates from. Delve deeper into the enthralling history of these dolls at

Allison McCann: Fearless and Athletic

Allison McCann

  • Preferred Pastimes: Engaging in sports
  • Color Palette: Captivated by shades of blue

Allison, a true tomboy, was once caught playing basketball in a bridesmaid dress! Her fearlessness knows no bounds, as she eagerly embraces challenges. However, she faces some academic struggles due to her dyslexia, necessitating extra support from a tutor. When venturing through the looking glass, Allison enthusiastically selects outfits that echo her spirit of adventure.

Meet Megan Ryder: A World of Words

Megan Ryder

  • Preferred Pastimes: Writing, reading, and blissful daydreaming
  • Color Palette: Indulges in the hues of yellow

Megan aspires to become a foreign news correspondent or a renowned author when she grows up. With an unconditional love for animals, she currently cares for her precious cat, Ginger, while nurturing dreams of owning a dog and a horse. Her insatiable thirst for knowledge and remarkable intellect make her the star of her class, devouring any book she can lay her hands on.

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Heather Hardin: A Flair for Creativity

Heather Hardin

  • Preferred Pastimes: Cherishes the company of friends, painting, art, and ballet
  • Color Palette: Fond of delicate shades of pink

Heather’s heartfelt desire is to become a graceful ballerina in the future. She is known for her remarkable talent in organizing various gatherings, parties, and sleepovers with her cherished friends. Frequent relocations, due to her father’s occupation as a pilot, have instilled within her a deep appreciation for the everlasting bonds fostered by her Magic Attic companions.

Keisha Vance: The Energetic Helper

Keisha Vance

  • Preferred Pastimes: Having fun, participating in the church choir, gymnastics, and lending a hand
  • Color Palette: Enchants in the shades of purple

Shouldering numerous responsibilities while her parents tirelessly work, Keisha finds herself caring for her younger brother and sister. Her infectious enthusiasm often propels her into an overflow of energy. Keisha’s avid interest in African customs fuels her aspiration to explore the country firsthand, leaving an indelible mark on her adventurous spirit.

Rose Hopkins: A Fusion of Traditional Tales and Technology

Rose Hopkins

  • Preferred Pastimes: Immersed in computer games and the exploration of Cheyenne Native American culture
  • Color Palette: Mesmerized by captivating shades of green

Rose, a recent addition to the Club and with prior experience attending a private school, brings her technological prowess to the forefront. While she thrives as a skilled computer whiz, her heart yearns for the fascinating stories and knowledge of the Cheyenne language that her grandfather imparts on her. Rose’s unwavering determination to stand up for what is right makes her aspire to become a lawyer in the future.

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Sara Ryder: A New Adventure Begins

Sara Ryder

Sara, an incarnation of the 2003 Megan doll sporting a distinct haircut, marks the inception of a fresh journey. With a new face sculpt, she has been lovingly renamed Sara and embraced as Megan’s younger sister.

  • Preferred Pastimes: Immersed in nature and embarking on invigorating hikes
  • Color Palette: Radiant shades of yellow resonate with her spirit

Longing to protect and preserve the natural wonders around her, Sara aspires to become a forest ranger someday.

The Mysterious Chloe Tonnor

Chloe Tonnor

Chloe, the enigmatic character who debuted in 2001 during a trying period for the creators of the Magic Attic dolls, remains shrouded in mystery. Regrettably, no official information was released about her, leaving fans yearning for more. It is worth noting that Chloe possessed blond hair and blue eyes, sharing the same face mold as Rose and the same color scheme as Heather. Admirers of the dolls had anticipated an Asian representation.

  • Preferred Pastimes: Immersed in the world of fashion, fashion design, and shopping
  • Color Palette: Swoons over the delightful shades of pink

Chloe led an eventful summer as a dedicated camp counselor and accomplished lifeguard. She passionately taught girls the art of kayaking and the thrill of water rafting. Furthermore, she actively volunteers at a clothing store, dreaming of one day running her own fashion empire.

Indulge in the Enigmatic Magic Attic Club

Witness the original Magic Attic Club through a collection of captivating images:

Magic Attic Club

Discover the enchanting essence of the Magic Attic dolls depicted at the back of each book:

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