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Application Guidelines and Membership Benefits

Are you a top-performing real estate agent looking to take your career to new heights? Then it’s time to join the prestigious Million Dollar Club. As a member, you’ll gain recognition for your outstanding achievements and enjoy exclusive benefits. But before you jump in, here’s everything you need to know to apply.

Application Process

To become a member of the Million Dollar Club, you need to submit your application and pay a non-refundable fee of $50 per application. The deadline for applications is January 31, 2023, at midnight. Remember, this fee covers both your application and potential award. Please note that there is a separate fee for the dinner celebration.

Applications must be submitted online. Alongside your application, you’re required to upload a chronological list of sold properties in PDF format. This list should include the property addresses, closing dates, and the gross commission certified by your brokerage. It must be signed and dated by your broker to ensure its authenticity.

If you have been associated with more than one broker in the qualifying year, you must provide a detailed statement for each brokerage. Additionally, only the principal or managing broker can certify your sales if you were associated with more than one broker. Remember to upload the signed certification form when submitting your application.

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All applications will be thoroughly checked, and if necessary, random applicants will be asked to provide contracts certified by their brokerage. If your application is rejected for any reason, the application fee is non-refundable.


If you’re part of a team, you can still apply for the Million Dollar Club. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Team applications must include the names of all team members, even if they are not applying for an award. Additionally, you need to include each team member’s contributing gross commission income (GCI). The total GCI of all team members should match the team’s GCI. If a team member wants to be considered for Million Dollar Credit, they need to indicate it on the Team Lead’s application and pay a separate $50 application fee. The team member must have an individual GCI of at least $75,000 and a minimum of 5 transactions.

  2. It’s important to note on the team application if any team members are applying for individual team member awards.

  3. Each team member must pay a separate application fee and provide a separate printout of their GCI.

  4. While team members are eligible for individual team member awards, they are not eligible for ranking or top individual awards.

Eligibility Criteria for Residential and Commercial Categories

When it comes to determining the category in which you’ll be recognized (Residential Resale-New Homes or Commercial), the majority of your sales volume will be considered. Here’s how residential and commercial volume is defined:


  • Any improved property zoned residential, including up to four (4) units.
  • Unimproved single-family lots.
  • New Homes: Listings of new home subdivisions or individual new home listings that have never been occupied.
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  • Any transaction that is not residential.
  • Zoning determinations are based on what the property is zoned at the time of closing.

Crediting and Credits Eligibility

Each transaction will be credited equally for both listing and selling agents. In cases where multiple agents within the same office are involved, the credit will be divided equally among them. However, credit distribution can be adjusted based on individual agreements between agents.

Brokers are responsible for verifying the agent’s application if they are applying for the Million Dollar Club. Please note that any misrepresentations on applications will be reviewed by the Board of Directors, which may result in disciplinary actions.

Benefits and Recognition

As a member of the Million Dollar Club, you will receive a coveted MDC Graphic, officially recognizing your membership for the qualifying year. This graphic can be used on your calling cards and letterheads, showcasing your achievement.

Admissions Committee and Approval Process

To ensure a fair evaluation, an Admissions Committee will be appointed by the President of the Northeast Atlanta Metro Association of REALTORS®, Inc. This committee, consisting of Life Members or Active Members of the Million Dollar Club, will review all applications and submit their recommendations to the Board of Directors within 15 calendar days of the committee study. The Board of Directors has the final say on approval and dissolution matters.

Join the Club and Celebrate Your Success!

Now that you have all the information you need, it’s time to apply and become a part of the esteemed Million Dollar Club. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain recognition for your exceptional achievements in the real estate industry. Start your application today and unlock a world of exclusive benefits and bragging rights!

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Million Dollar Club

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