What to Do When Your Walmart Order is Missing Items

Walmart is a convenient place to shop, whether in-store or online. Ordering online and having items delivered right to your doorstep within days is a great time-saver. But what happens when your Walmart order arrives, and some items are missing? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll discuss what you can do to resolve this issue and make a claim for your missing items.

Contact Walmart Customer Service

If you find yourself facing missing items in your Walmart order, the first step is to reach out to their customer service team. While our customer service representatives may not be able to assist, you can easily get in touch with a Walmart employee through their live chat feature. By engaging in a live chat, you can explain the situation and have your missing item delivered promptly.

How to Make a Claim for Missing Items

In the event that your Walmart order is missing items, it’s essential to contact Walmart directly. The Contact Us button at the bottom of the Walmart webpage is a helpful resource, providing all the necessary information you need. Additionally, you can reach out to Walmart through their email form, ensuring you provide all the required details. Another option is to use the “Request a Return” button found in your order confirmation email to request a return for the missing item.

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Multiple Packages and Tracking Your Order

While it may not be a common practice, Walmart does occasionally ship items in more than one package. If this is the case, it’s crucial to verify that the tracking number matches the information provided in your Walmart order. You can easily track your order by logging into the My Account page or using the Walmart app. By accessing the “Order Status” page, you can monitor the progress of your delivery and ensure everything is on track.

What to Do When Your Walmart Order is Delayed

In the event that your Walmart order is delayed and the packages don’t arrive on time, Walmart suggests calling the shipping company to address the issue. While you’re in contact with Walmart, it’s also an opportunity to inquire about their pricing policies and how the company treats its employees. Simply locate the “Contact Us” button on their website to easily reach out for support or ask any questions you may have.

Returning Online Orders from Walmart

Walmart has a hassle-free return policy for online orders. Most products can be returned within 90 days of the purchase date. If you have unopened items that are not available on, you can return them to any Walmart store or dropbox. Walmart even provides a prepaid return label, making the return process simple and convenient. Just select your order, click on the “Return” tab, and follow the instructions to receive your return label.


If you find that your Walmart order is missing items, don’t panic. Instead, take action by contacting Walmart’s customer service team. Utilize their live chat feature, email form, or the “Request a Return” button in your order confirmation email to resolve the issue promptly. Remember to keep an eye on your tracking information and contact the shipping company if your Walmart order is delayed. Walmart’s dedicated customer support will guide you through the process and ensure that you receive the items you’ve purchased.

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Note: This article remains focused on Walmart order issues. External details, unrelated content, contact information, and external links have been omitted to maintain coherence and provide a seamless reading experience.

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