The Best Places to Buy a Money Order in the United States

Money orders or postal orders are widely used in the United States. They function similarly to personal checks but aren’t linked to your bank account. They are issued to a beneficiary and are prepaid, giving the beneficiary the guarantee that the necessary funds are available.

You can purchase or redeem money orders at over 200,000 locations in the United States, including 31,000 post offices, CVS, Walmart, as well as Western Union and MoneyGram outlets within tens of thousands of 7-Eleven, Publix, Kroger, Meijer, and other retail establishments. If you’re looking to buy a money order and want to know where to purchase one near you, keep reading as we reveal the best places to buy a money order, the cost of sending one, convenient stores, and everything you need to know for a successful money order purchase.

What is a Money Order?

A money order is a paper document with a monetary value. Money orders work similarly to personal checks, but they are not linked to your bank account. They are issued to a beneficiary and are prepaid, ensuring that the necessary funds are available. Money orders usually have a monetary limit, such as $500 or $1,000.

Money order

Where Can I Buy a Money Order Near Me?

Below, you can find a map showing the locations where you can buy a money order near your current location. Further down, we will provide you with all the stores and places where you can buy money orders, their prices, and which ones are the most convenient.

When Do You Need a Money Order?

You need a money order when:

  • You need a guaranteed form of payment for someone.
  • You owe someone a payment but don’t want to carry cash.
  • You want to issue a check without revealing your bank account information.
  • You need a check to pay a bill but don’t have a bank account.
  • You need to send money abroad. Not all money orders work internationally, but money orders from the United States Postal Service can be sent to about 25 countries.
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You can use a money order to:

  • Pay anyone who needs a guarantee of your payment capacity.
  • Pay a bill, such as rent.
  • Pay moving companies.
  • Pay for a purchase without carrying cash.
  • Make a large purchase without putting it on a credit card.
  • Send money to a prisoner.

Where Can I Buy a Money Order?

Money order

Many businesses offer money orders, but most of them use either Western Union or MoneyGram to process the transaction. Both companies also have their own outlets, so you can go directly to them if you prefer.

Here are all the stores and places where you can buy a money order, along with their prices and limits:

  • 7 Eleven: $1.50
  • CVS: $1.25
  • Kmart: $0.69
  • Kroger: $0.69
  • Meijer: $0.65
  • MoneyGram: $0.70
  • Publix: $0.89
  • Rite-Aid: $0.99
  • USPS: $1.45
  • Walmart: $1.00
  • Western Union: $2.99
  • Bank: $0.35

Any Bank or Credit Union

You may have to pay a commission, usually around $5, but you should be able to walk into a local bank or credit union branch and request a money order. You shouldn’t need to have an account with the bank or credit union to do so.


You’ll be glad to know that your local post office, USPS, also sells money orders. With over 30,800 post offices in the United States, there’s bound to be one near you.

  • Fee: $1.30 for money orders up to $500, $1.75 for money orders over $500
  • Limit: $1,000
  • Provider: USPS uses its own brand of money orders

You can also cash a money order at the post office. Check the rules, regulations, and fees for cashing money orders in your area.

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Western Union

Western Union has over 500,000 agents worldwide. You can get a money order at any Western Union agent that offers them.

  • Fee: Varies by location
  • Limit: $1,000
  • Provider: Western Union

Keep in mind that Western Union will allow you to refund your money order if you have the original money order or buyer’s receipt, and the money order has not been cashed.


Walmart has locations throughout the United States. You can pay for a money order at Walmart with cash or a debit card. The maximum fee is $1, but there is no additional fee for payment with a debit card.

  • Fee: $1 maximum, exact fees vary by location
  • Limit: Up to $1,000 per money order
  • Provider: MoneyGram

Please note that you can cash a money order at Walmart, but only if the money order was purchased at Walmart. Cashing a money order at Walmart costs between $3 and $6, depending on the amount of the money order.


MoneyGram has thousands of locations throughout the United States. Their rules for purchasing money orders are similar to those of Western Union.

  • Fee: Varies
  • Limit: $1,000
  • Provider: MoneyGram

The higher the amount of your money order, the higher the fee. MoneyGram is a reputable company and is the provider of money orders for large retailers like Walmart.


7-Eleven convenience stores have nearly 8,500 branches in the United States. While many 7-Eleven stores sell money orders, the prices vary.

  • Fee: 1-3% of the total amount, with a minimum fee of $0.65
  • Limit: Up to $500 per money order
  • Provider: MoneyGram or Western Union, depending on the store’s location

You cannot cash a money order at 7-Eleven stores.


CVS Pharmacy stores have over 9,800 locations in the United States.

  • Cash is the only accepted form of payment for a money order at CVS, and you must present a valid ID.

  • Fee: $1.25

  • Limit: Up to $500 per money order

  • Provider: MoneyGram

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Publix has over 1,200 grocery stores in the southeastern United States. States with Publix stores include North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and more.

  • Fee: $0.99
  • Provider: Western Union

You cannot cash money orders at Publix. Additionally, Publix’s subsidiary, GreenWise locations, do not sell or cash money orders.


Meijer supermarkets have approximately 240 locations in the United States, primarily in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio.

  • Fee: $0.65
  • Limit: Up to $500 per money order
  • Provider: Western Union

Meijer does not charge fees for money orders at any of its locations.


The Kroger store chain has over 2,700 locations in the United States. Kroger operates under different brands, including Dillon’s, Fry’s, King Sooper’s, Smith’s, and Fred Meyer.

  • Fee: $0.69, fees vary by branch and location
  • Limit: $1,000 or $500, depending on the location
  • Provider: Western Union

Not all Kroger stores sell money orders. Some locations do, while others do not. For more information, check with your nearest branch.


Although declining, Kmart still has 70 locations in the United States, and those locations do sell money orders.

  • Fee: $1.25
  • Limit: $500
  • Provider: Western Union

Please note that the Kmart website states that not all Kmart locations necessarily participate in money order sales. Check the Kmart branch nearest to you to be sure before heading there. You can find Kmart locations by checking their website.


Rite-Aid is a pharmacy that has been operating since 1962 and has nearly 2,500 locations in the United States.

  • Fee: Varies
  • Limit: $1,000
  • Provider: Western Union

Check the schedules, availability, fees, and more at each Rite-Aid location.

With this comprehensive list of the best places to buy a money order in the United States, you can easily find the nearest location to purchase your money orders based on convenience, price, and provider. Whether you prefer major retailers like Walmart or smaller convenience stores like 7-Eleven, there is an option for everyone. Keep in mind the fees, limits, and rules for each provider to choose the best fit for your needs.

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