Limited Edition 25th Anniversary Mulan Doll – The Perfect Gift for Disney Fans

Are you a fan of Disney’s beloved film Mulan? If so, you’re in luck! A limited edition 25th anniversary Mulan doll is now available at Bonjour! Village Gifts in Magic Kingdom. This exquisite doll captures the beauty and spirit of Mulan, making it a must-have collectible for any Disney enthusiast.

A Majestic Doll Fit for a Warrior

Mulan Doll

The 25th anniversary Mulan doll showcases our courageous heroine in a stunning Hanfu dress adorned with hues of pink, blue, and white. Her serious expression and floral hair ornament add an extra touch of authenticity. The packaging even features a cutout window, allowing you to admire the intricate details of Mulan’s Hanfu from every angle.

Embrace the Magic

Mulan Doll Packaging

As you turn the box around, you’ll be captivated by the golden foil lettering that proudly spells out “Disney Mulan.” A majestic dragon image below further emphasizes the enchantment of this limited edition doll. Tied with a beautiful pink satin ribbon, the packaging’s multilingual message invites you to embark on an extraordinary journey alongside Mulan:

Disney artists are proud to present this limited-edition Mulan doll in celebration of the film’s 25th anniversary. Our fierce warrior is ready to make a hero out of you. But first, she must see the matchmaker. Draped in a Hanfu — a traditional Chinese robe — Mulan knows her path is not one of convention and expected custom. She brings honor to her family and culture by disguising herself as a man and going off to battle. It’s on the battlefield that Mulan’s bravery claims its reward of gratitude from the Emperor and honor for her family. Collectors and fans alike can take part in the magic with this specialty doll that’s just as magnificent and inspiring as Mulan.

A Symbol of Elegance and Tradition

Mulan Doll Hanfu

Mulan’s Hanfu is a work of art, crafted from white satin with pink and blue decorative elements. A blue tassel and pink damask cloth complete the ensemble, showcasing the attention to detail that Disney is known for. Gold and pink embroidery embellishes her Chinese ceremonial robe, while the packaging proudly displays the “Disney Mulan 25 Years” logo.

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Complete Your Collection

If you’re eager to dive further into the magical world of Mulan, you’ll be pleased to know that a stunning 25th anniversary resin figure is also available at Art of Disney. In addition, a special anniversary pin can be found at Frontier Trading Post in Magic Kingdom. Don’t miss the chance to commemorate this momentous occasion with these remarkable Mulan collectibles.

A Tale of True Heroism


As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of “Mulan,” let’s remember the inspiring journey of this young Chinese woman. Originally released in 1998, the film tells the story of Mulan, who disguises herself as a man to take her elderly father’s place in the army. With the help of a tiny disgraced dragon named Mushu, Mulan defies societal expectations and brings honor to her family.

Explore More “Mulan” Magic

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So why wait? Visit Bonjour! Village Gifts in Magic Kingdom today and bring home the limited edition 25th anniversary Mulan doll. With its exquisite design and heartfelt story, this doll will enchant both collectors and fans alike. Let Mulan inspire you to embrace your bravery and make a difference in your own journey.

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