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Old money, or “quiet luxury,” has gained immense popularity in recent times, representing a shift away from fast fashion and fleeting trends towards timeless pieces of exceptional quality. Old Money Style embodies a classic aesthetic that never goes out of fashion, combining simplicity and elegance to offer a range of looks from understated neutrals to preppy Americana vibes. There are numerous brands to choose from when it comes to styling your Old Money outfits. Luxury brands that have stood the test of time and even inspired the Old Money trend exist, as well as more budget-friendly options that allow you to achieve the same look without breaking the bank. Today, I am delighted to share a selection of my favorite Old Money brands that will inspire your wardrobe, regardless of your budget.

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Embracing Timeless Elegance

Old Money Style, also known as “quiet luxury,” revolves around investing in timeless pieces and prioritizing quality over quantity. It celebrates monochrome looks, neutral styling, and classic silhouettes. I am excited to introduce you to some of my favorite brands that cater to both luxury and affordable options. From my own style journey, I have discovered that it is wise to mix a few luxury items that will last a lifetime with trendy or everyday pieces from more affordable brands. The secret lies in creating a sophisticated and chic wardrobe that truly reflects your personal style.

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Luxury Brands for Old Money Style

Here are some of my beloved luxury brands that embody the essence of Old Money:

  • Ralph Lauren
  • Chanel
  • Loro Piana
  • The Row
  • Hermes
  • Yves Saint Laurent
  • Brunello Cucinelli
  • Jacquemus
  • Jill Sander
  • Burberry

Affordable Brands for Old Money Style

If you prefer affordable options, these brands will help you achieve the Old Money look without breaking the bank:

  • Zara
  • Mango
  • Cos
  • Reformation
  • Abercrombie
  • J.Crew
  • & Other Stories
  • Reiss
  • Theory
  • Brooks Brothers

How to Style Old Money Pieces

To don the Old Money look with finesse, consider the following tips:

Choose Classic Silhouettes

Opt for timeless pieces like tailored blazers, A-line skirts, and well-fitted trousers to embody the Old Money aesthetic.

Prioritize Quality Fabrics

Invest in high-quality materials such as cashmere, silk, wool, linen, and tweed to add sophistication to your outfits and ensure their durability for years to come.

Tailor for Perfection

Ensure that your garments fit perfectly by visiting a tailor. Proper tailoring can transform a simple piece into an elegant and refined wardrobe staple.

Stick to Neutral Colors

Embrace a subdued color palette, favoring shades like navy, black, gray, beige, olive green, cream, and white. Avoid flashy or vibrant colors, but feel free to incorporate a bright color as long as it is balanced with neutrals.

Accessorize Timelessly

Complete your look with classic accessories such as pearl necklaces, leather belts, silk scarves, and structured handbags. Keep your jewelry minimal and avoid oversized logos.

Things to Remember

When building your Old Money wardrobe, prioritize pieces that not only fit you well but also resonate with your personal style. Old Money is more than just an aesthetic; it should reflect your individual preferences and stand the test of time.

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Shop Some of my Favorite Old Money Style Essentials

Old Money Style Essentials

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