Orlandi Valuta Money Transfers: A Reliable and Convenient Option


Orlandi Valuta is a renowned money transfer service known for its classic remittance services. This company, acquired by Western Union in 1997, offers not only international transfers but also domestic transfers within the United States. With over 50,000 Western Union locations in the US, Orlandi Valuta ensures a reliable and secure environment for its customers. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive review of the Orlandi Valuta money transfer service.

Orlandi Valuta in Spanish

Orlandi Valuta, a subsidiary of Western Union, provides customers with reliable and convenient options for cash withdrawals in the United States and Mexico. With more than 50,000 Western Union locations in the US and 15,000 agent locations in Mexico, Orlandi Valuta is known for its fast and secure cash transfer services.

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Phone and Customer Service in Spanish

If you want to know more about the available locations, visit Orlandi Valuta’s official website or call their Customer Service Line at +1-800-515-5505.

Orlandi Valuta vs Other Money Transfer Companies

When comparing Orlandi Valuta with other money transfer companies, it is essential to consider factors such as service quality, fees, and coverage. Orlandi Valuta stands out as a reliable and convenient option in the market.

How to Send Money with Orlandi Valuta

Sending money through Orlandi Valuta is a simple process. You do not need to open an account on their website. Instead, you can visit an authorized agent listed on their website or call their Global Call Center at +1-800-515-5505. At the agency, provide your personal details, recipient information, transfer amount, and country. The rest will be taken care of by the system.

Steps to Send Money at an Agency

To complete a money transfer, you need to speak with an agent. Orlandi Valuta’s website provides a detailed map tool to help you locate nearby agencies. The website also provides information such as customer service hours, contact numbers, addresses, and instructions on how to reach the location.

Sending Money via the Website

Currently, there is no option to send money through the Orlandi Valuta website.

How to Receive Money with Orlandi Valuta

The process of receiving money with Orlandi Valuta depends on the receiving country. In the case of Mexico, authorized agent locations such as Bancoppel, Casa Ley, Soriana, Banorte, Elektra, Bodega Aurrerá, Telecomm Telégrafos, FAMSA, Farmacias Guadalajara, Superama, and Walmart enable recipients to receive their money easily.

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Sending Limits and Costs

Orlandi Valuta does not provide clear information about transfer limits on their website. Therefore, it is recommended to contact a local Orlandi Valuta office to inquire about the limits for the specific office you plan to visit. Similarly, due to limited information on their website, you should contact an authorized agent or call their advisors at +1-800-515-5505 to inquire about the cost of sending money with Orlandi Valuta.

Sending Money to Venezuela, Colombia, and Argentina

Orlandi Valuta offers convenient services for sending money to Venezuela, Colombia, and Argentina. In Venezuela, you can receive money at the authorized Western Union locations by providing your identification document. Similarly, Western Union locations in Colombia and Argentina allow you to receive money easily by visiting the nearest authorized agent.

Types of Money Transfers Offered by Orlandi Valuta

Orlandi Valuta currently offers two types of money transfers: cash withdrawal at authorized agents and bank transfers. These transfers typically take between 2 and 5 days to complete, similar to Western Union’s services.

Safety and Security of Orlandi Valuta Money Transfers

Sending money with Orlandi Valuta is entirely safe and reliable. You can use their services confidently to send and receive money within Mexico and the United States. Additionally, the company is licensed to operate in all 50 states in the US and follows federal and state regulations.

What Do You Need to Send Money with Orlandi Valuta?

To send money with Orlandi Valuta, you need to provide the following information:

  • Your full name, government-issued identification number
  • Contact details (phone number and address)
  • Transfer amount and destination country
  • Recipient’s full name, government-issued identification number, and contact number
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Once you provide this information, you can easily send money to your loved ones or acquaintances.

Why Can’t I Send Money with Orlandi Valuta?

The only reason you might encounter difficulties in sending money with Orlandi Valuta is if you do not have complete information about the recipient or yourself. To ensure secure and efficient transfers, the company requires all necessary documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Track an Orlandi Valuta Money Transfer?

To track your transfer, you can visit the authorized agent or contact the customer service center at +1-800-515-5505. Provide them with the unique 9-digit transaction ID you received when completing the transfer.

Does Orlandi Valuta Have Experience in Money Transfers?

Yes, Orlandi Valuta has over 25 years of experience in the remittance market. Customers praise their excellent and prompt service.

What Are the Average Costs of Orlandi Valuta Money Transfers According to the World Bank?

According to the World Bank’s remittance price database, the average total cost of a transfer with Orlandi Valuta is 4.12%. This competitive price makes Orlandi Valuta’s services comparable to conventional services.


Orlandi Valuta is a reliable and convenient option for money transfers, offering a variety of options and extensive coverage in the United States, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, and Argentina. With a focus on safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, Orlandi Valuta stands out among its competitors.

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