How to Score Items for Just 1 Cent at Dollar General

If you’re looking to save on your purchases, snagging an item for just a penny might sound like a dream come true. Imagine being able to buy something you want or need without breaking the bank. Well, it may be surprising, but it’s actually possible to find such great deals at Dollar General.

Unveiling the Penny Items

At Dollar General, they have a unique system where items that are meant to be removed from stock are priced at a mere $0.01. In case store employees fail to take these items off the shelves before the price adjustment, you can purchase them for just a penny.

How to Find These Bargains

Now that you know about this amazing opportunity, you’re probably wondering how you can get your hands on these penny items. Here’s your step-by-step guide:

1. Time Your Shopping Trip Right

To increase your chances of finding penny deals, plan your visit to Dollar General on a Tuesday. That’s when the markdown process usually takes place, and items are marked down to a penny. For the best selection, consider going early in the morning before others have a chance to snatch up the items you’re interested in.

2. Seek Out Penny Lists Online

Since penny items aren’t officially advertised, you won’t find them in the Dollar General sales flyer. Don’t bother asking the cashiers either, as they aren’t likely to assist you. Fortunately, there are online resources that can be your guide to finding these hidden treasures. Check out websites like The Krazy Coupon Lady or join Facebook groups dedicated to discovering penny items. Remember to consult these sources regularly as the penny items list changes frequently.

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3. Load Up Your Cart

When you stumble upon a penny item on the shelves, don’t hesitate to grab as many as you want. As soon as you bring it to the store’s attention that the items were left on display, they will be removed. So, take advantage of the opportunity while you can. In case the items ring up at a higher price, simply inform the cashier that you’ve changed your mind.

4. Cross Your Fingers at the Checkout

The final step in this penny shopping adventure is crossing your fingers and hoping that your cashier allows you to purchase these deeply discounted items. Official store policy states that these items shouldn’t be sold, so you may encounter resistance. If you happen to be lucky, you can take home your coveted penny item. However, be prepared for the possibility of having to put it back.

While finding and buying penny items at Dollar General may involve an element of luck, it’s worth the effort for the chance to score fantastic deals. So if there’s something on the penny list that you’ve been eyeing or if you’re already at Dollar General, why not give it a try? Happy penny shopping!

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