Discover Exquisite Porcelain BJD Dolls by Forgotten Hearts

Meticulously Crafted Ball Jointed Dolls

Forgotten Hearts presents a collection of exquisite Fine Art Porcelain BJD Ball Jointed Dolls, meticulously handcrafted one at a time. Our dolls are a labor of love that require days of dedication, resulting in only a limited number of dolls available each month. We gladly accept PayPal, Alipay, Apple Pay, and all major Credit Cards for secure payments. Rest assured, we offer worldwide shipping to reach doll enthusiasts everywhere.

Creating a Custom Doll

Have a specific doll face in mind? Look no further! From our doll gallery, you can select the doll face that speaks to you. Feel free to share a screenshot of your desired doll, and we’ll use it as a reference to bring your vision to life. Do keep in mind that additional costs may apply for wigs, accessories, and tattoos, so feel free to request a special quote. Simply reach out to us at [email protected] with your selection. Once we get in touch with you, you can add the made-to-order doll option to your cart, and if you fancy, add a wig or a handcrafted box as well. Proceed to payment, and in approximately a month, your unique doll will be ready. We’ll keep you updated via email and even on our Instagram page, which you can follow @fhdolls.

Each Doll is a Unique Work of Art

As artists, we allow creativity to guide us, embracing the unpredictability of the outcome. Our dolls are made with passion, just like a painter creates a masterpiece. Although they share molds, every brush stroke creates a distinctive result, ensuring that no two dolls are ever identical. Even when a custom doll is requested, please bear in mind that your doll will not be a replica of the ones showcased in our website gallery. However, if you wish to purchase one of the dolls currently available, they are indeed similar to the ones shown. If you’re willing to embrace this uniqueness, we’d be thrilled to create a doll exclusively for you.

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Porcelain Ball Jointed Doll

Explore Our Collection

To secure one of our stunning porcelain ball jointed dolls, we recommend visiting our Instagram page or signing up for our mailing list. These dolls tend to find new homes quickly, so don’t miss out! And as always, we deeply appreciate your support.

Get Acquainted with Our Girls

Before making your decision, take your time to meet our lovely dolls. We have a wide range of face molds to choose from. Each link will lead you to a gallery showcasing previously crafted dolls.

Aiko – Aiko
Alice – Alice
Anna – Anna
Astra – Astra
Echo – Echo
Eleven – Eleven
Empress – Empress
Harmony – Harmony
Luna – Luna
Ova – Ova
Poppy – Poppy
Rain – Rain
Rea – Rea
Renaissance – Renaissance
Sphinx – Sphinx
Valentina – Valentina
Willow – Willow
Child Doll Maisie – Child Doll Maisie
Child Doll Maya – Child Doll Maya
Child Doll Skyler – Child Doll Skyler
Child Doll Gemini – Child Doll Gemini

No matter which doll catches your eye, you can be certain that our craftsmanship and attention to detail will exceed your expectations.

Visit to embark on your doll collection journey.

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