The Best Value: 100 Grams Silver Bar

Are you looking to buy a 100g silver bar online? Look no further than Gerrards! Our selection of 100g silver bars offers the best value for your investment. Read on to discover why buying a 100g silver bar is a smart choice.

Secondary Market Bar

When it comes to silver bars, buying from the secondary market is a savvy alternative to brand new bars. The price of secondary-market bars doesn’t include the manufacturing cost, resulting in a lower silver price per gram. In contrast, brand new bars bought directly from the mint can be more expensive. So, purchasing a 100g silver bar from the secondary market provides a cost-effective way to buy physical silver. It’s important to note that the variation in prices between silver bars is simply due to the brand.

Smaller Silver Units

For silver bullion investors, 100g silver bars are an excellent choice. They allow you to divide your precious metal portfolio into smaller units, making it more convenient for resale. Instead of selling a whole bullion bar, you can trade part of your silver holdings. This flexibility offers you greater control over your investments.

Smaller Premium

The premium on silver bars corresponds to the markup for distribution, fabrication, and nominal dealer fees. Generally, silver coins tend to have a higher premium compared to silver bars. This means that silver coins can be more expensive when you consider their silver price per gram. Buying 100g silver bars is a more cost-effective option due to the low premium. It results in a lower silver price per gram on purchase, making it a cheaper way to invest in physical silver.

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Easier to Store

In addition to their cost-effectiveness, 100g silver bars offer the benefit of being more portable and easier to store compared to larger-weight bars. Their compact size makes them ideal for those who value convenience and versatility.

Why Buy Silver Bars?

Silver bars come in various weights and sizes, offering you the freedom to choose according to your preference. At Gerrards, we have a range of silver bars available, ranging from 100g to 1 troy ounce. All the bars for sale on our website come from LBMA accredited manufacturers, ensuring quality and authenticity.

Investing in silver bars allows you to balance your portfolio effectively. With the option to diversify your holdings between short-term silver coins and long-term silver bars, you can create a well-rounded investment strategy.

Why Invest in Silver?

Silver plays a crucial role in the portfolios of bullion investors. Many investors have turned to physical silver to diversify their assets and take advantage of its affordability. Historically, silver has proven to be a great asset for hedging against inflation and economic downturns. Unlike stocks and bonds, the price of silver is not subject to the same volatility.

The increasing demand for silver in various industries, from electronic components to silver-embedded medical equipment, has fueled the interest of many investors. Silver accounts for over 50% of the global demand for these applications. As the market for silver expands, it is believed that the silver price per ounce will rise, making it an attractive investment opportunity.

Investing in silver is not only a wise financial decision but also a step towards protecting your purchasing power. So why wait? Start exploring the world of silver bars and experience the benefits of this precious metal in your portfolio.

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100g silver bar

Remember, at Gerrards, we offer the best value for your investment. Buy your 100g silver bar today and embark on your journey towards a secure and diverse portfolio.

Price includes Free Insured Delivery in the UK. Please note that silver bars are subject to VAT at the standard rate of 20%.

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