Rectifying QuickBooks Something’s Not Quite Right Error

Despite the efficient functioning of the QuickBooks application, users may encounter QuickBooks something’s not quite right errors. This error can arise when users attempt to conduct banking operations or create expense transactions. Troubleshooting this error may require users to alter their account types, but there may be restrictions and limitations in doing so. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about this error and provide effective solutions to fix it.

What is QuickBooks Something’s Not Quite Right Error?

The QuickBooks something’s not quite right error message appears when the chosen account type does not match the transaction or is not suitable for it. This error can occur when saving, editing, or voiding an invoice, as well as when adjusting a payment or changing your bank account types.

The error message accompanying this error may vary depending on the platform you are using. For instance, in Windows or Mac, the error message may be something like “something’s not quite right unexpected token ‘<.'”. If you suspect the problem might be related to your browser, try opening a private or incognito window and login to QuickBooks using the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer: Ctrl + Shift + P
  • Google Chrome: Ctrl + Shift + N
  • Safari: Control + Option + P
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When do Users Face QuickBooks Something’s Not Quite Right Error?

Users can encounter the QuickBooks something’s not quite right error in various instances, including:

  1. Attempting to save, edit, or void an invoice.
  2. Adjusting a payment.
  3. When the login session times out, preventing you from logging in again.
  4. Modifying account types.
  5. Saved internet files like caches and cookies causing a problem.

To continue using QuickBooks seamlessly without encountering the “QuickBooks purchase order you must select an account for this transaction” error message, users may need proper troubleshooting.

Restrictions in Changing Account Types

There are four main conditions where changing an account type is not possible and can trigger the QuickBooks something’s not quite right error:

Making Changes to an Automatically Created Account

If an account has been created automatically by the application, its type cannot be changed. These accounts serve specific purposes, such as Inventory Asset, Opening Balance Equity, Payroll Expense, Purchase Orders, or Retained Earnings. To make any changes to an account type, ensure you are trying to change an account type created manually by the user or create a new account.

If Parent Account is Holding Sub-accounts

The type of the parent account and its sub-accounts should always be the same. If you try changing the type of a sub-account to something different from its parent account type, you will encounter an error message. To resolve this, remove the sub-account from its parent directory, make the required changes to its type, and remember it cannot be moved back to the same parent account.

Changing Type of (A/R) Account Receivable or (A/P) Account Payable Accounts

(A/R) Account Receivable and Account Payable (A/P) are two special accounts where users cannot change their types. Users cannot change an already present account type to (A/R) or (A/P). The only solution is to create a new account.

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If Transactions are Done by Accounts Using Un-deposited Funds Account Type or Cash

Account type cannot be changed if the account has been used for transactions like payments, checks, and deposits that require un-deposited funds or cash. To change the account type, select and alter such transactions in the account to use a different cash account. Account quick reports can help locate such transactions.

Troubleshooting Ways for Something’s Not Quite Right Error Message

Here are some troubleshooting solutions to rectify the “you must select an account for this transaction” error:

  1. Ensure you have the most recent version of QuickBooks Desktop. You can check for updates in the Help menu and install them if available.

Solution 1: Erase Your Browser’s Caches and Cookies

If you are using a browser to access QuickBooks Online and encounter the change account type in QuickBooks Online error, clear the cache and cookies stored in your browser. The steps to do this may vary depending on your browser, but generally, you can find the option to clear browsing data in your browser’s settings.

Solution 2: Go Incognito in Different Browsers

Using the incognito window in different browsers can help identify if the error is related to your browser. Incognito mode allows for private browsing and does not remember your activity. You can open an incognito window by using the respective keyboard shortcuts for each browser.

Solution 3: Reset QB App Data

Resetting the application data can help resolve the QuickBooks something’s not right error without causing any loss of data. You can do this through the system’s settings by going to Apps and Features and choosing the Reset option for the QuickBooks app.

How to Change the Account Type in QuickBooks Online?

To change the account type in QuickBooks Online when creating an expense transaction, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Chart of Accounts tab in the Accounting menu.
  2. Locate the account you want to use for your transaction.
  3. Click the drop-down arrow in the Actions column.
  4. Choose Edit.
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Once you are able to update or change the account type, you can retry creating a transaction. However, if you choose to use Other Asset Accounts, you will need to create a journal entry transaction. To do this, go to the Gear icon, choose Journal Entry, enter the necessary details, and save and close the transaction.

When managing purchase orders and encountering the error stating you must select an account type for your transaction, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new purchase order by clicking the Plus icon and choosing the Purchase Orders option.
  2. Select the vendor for whom you wish to create the purchase order.
  3. Fill in the necessary details and select the products or items to order.
  4. Save and close the purchase order.

These steps should help you fix the QuickBooks something’s not quite right error and allow you to modify the account type seamlessly.

Sum Up

After conducting in-depth research, our team has identified the reasons for encountering the QuickBooks something’s not quite right error. Now that you know how to fix this error, give it a try. If you need further assistance, you can always reach out to our accounting help phone number for expert support.


How to Add a Category to Your Purchase Order if You’re Facing QuickBooks Something’s Not Quite Right Error?

While resolving the QuickBooks something’s not quite right error, you may need to add a category to your purchase order. For this, you should set up a default category for the supplier/vendor. You can do this by going to the Vendors section in the Expenses menu, selecting the vendor, clicking the Edit button, scrolling down to the Accounting section, selecting the default account, and saving the changes. If necessary, you can cancel your purchase order and create a new one to add the necessary details later.

What to Do if None of the Troubleshooting Methods Help to Resolve the Something’s Not Quite Right Error in QuickBooks?

If you are unable to eliminate the something’s not quite right error even after trying all the solutions in this guide, you can utilize QuickBooks Tool Hub or uninstall and reinstall the application. QuickBooks Tool Hub provides various tools and features to help resolve issues, while reinstalling the application can be a last resort to fix any QuickBooks errors.

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