How to Add Money to Riversweeps

How To Add Money On Riversweeps

Riversweeps is a casino software provider in the US that offers sweepstakes gaming services. It caters specifically to sweepstakes internet cafes and online casino businesses. You can access Riversweeps through an internet browser or a mobile app to explore its extensive game catalog. The games available include slots, bingo, fish games, and more. However, finding detailed information about the games’ RTP, volatility, and other features can be challenging.

On sweepstakes casinos, you have the option to use gold coins and sweeps coins, with the possibility of purchasing only gold coins. While Rsweeps does allow you to purchase coins, the process is unique compared to what we typically expect.

Riversweeps Games

In this article, we will guide you through the steps to add funds to your Riversweeps account, discuss the requirements and potential issues, as well as provide tips for maximizing your money. Additionally, we will introduce you to other excellent alternatives that offer substantial bonuses when you register using our links today.

Make Easy Payments & Get Free Money

The standout feature of sweepstakes casinos is that they do not require a purchase, and many of them offer free coins to both new and existing players. However, these sites also offer gold coin packages that you can purchase to extend your playtime.

Riversweeps supports Bitcoin payments, so it is common to find sites offering its games accepting cryptocurrency. However, there are also independent operators hosting Riversweeps software that provide alternative payment methods such as bank cards, Cash App, or PayPal.

To ensure a smooth funding process and avoid any issues, we recommend finding alternative sweepstakes sites that offer safer payment channels, an improved game selection, real cash prizes, and availability in most US states. Some noteworthy sweepstakes sites that meet these criteria include:

  • Site A
  • Site B
  • Site C
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These sites offer packages starting as low as $0.49 to cater to players on a tight budget or those with larger bankrolls. However, the main advantage of these sites is the availability of excellent bonus offers that reward you with free coins.

Checklist to Add Money to Riversweeps

To add money to legal sweepstakes sites, you will be required to provide specific documents. The standard documents most sweepstakes sites request include:

  • Government-issued identity card (National ID, driver’s license, or passport)
  • Bank statement
  • Proof of residential address
  • Social security number

These documents will cover your deposits and withdrawals on the Riversweeps site.

Steps to Add Money to Riversweeps

To add money to your Riversweeps account online, follow these steps. While some of these steps may be similar to other sweepstakes casinos, there are unique actions to take on Rsweeps.

Step 1: Create a Riversweeps Account

Visit the official Riversweeps site at On this site, you will find a “Sign Up” button. Click on this button to be redirected to a third-party aggregator website like BitBetWin.

BitBetWin Signup Bonus

On BitBetWin, create an account and select Riversweeps as the platform you want to access. BitBetWin also grants access to other sweepstakes software like Fire Kirin, Inferno Slots, Juwa, and Vegas7Games. These platforms offer bonuses, such as the Juwa no deposit bonus.

Alternatively, you can register on Riversweeps7, although we don’t recommend this option due to its unprofessional appearance and broken links.

Step 2: Verify your Account

After completing the registration process on BitBetWin, you will receive a verification link for your Riversweeps account. Complete the verification process to receive the next email containing your Riversweeps account details.

Step 3: Log in at Riversweeps Casino

You can now log in to the Riversweeps platform using your verified account. You can access it via a browser, PC app, or mobile app for iOS or Android devices.

A link to the Riversweeps app and website will be provided by BitBetWin. Once you’ve chosen your preferred option to play Rsweeps slots, simply enter the account number you received as the PIN on the sweeps casino app.

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Step 4: Select a Banking Option

To add funds to your Riversweeps account, use BitBetWin or Sweepstake Mobi, where you can make a minimum deposit of $10. BitBetWin offers a Bitcoin deposit option and applies a deposit match bonus to your first payment.

Step 5: Confirm the Payment

The Riversweeps team will confirm your payment, and once verified, you will receive the equivalent gold coins and free sweeps coins in your account. This process usually doesn’t take long, allowing you to start enjoying top Riversweeps slots and fish games in no time.

Minimum Deposits and Withdrawals on Riversweeps

Riversweeps First Deposit Bonus

The minimum deposits on Riversweeps vary depending on your chosen funding method. With the BitBetWin option, you can make a minimum Bitcoin deposit of $10 into your Rsweeps account.

Independent Rsweeps hosts like Sweepstakes Mobi also offer a $10 minimum deposit but provide additional payment options such as bank cards, Cash App, and Bitcoin. However, we advise against using less popular independent hosts, as they often lack trustworthiness and may have more issues compared to standard Rsweeps casinos.

For withdrawals, BitBetWin supports payouts to a crypto wallet, with minimum withdrawal amounts starting at $50. Other sites like Sweepstakes Mobi do not have a stated minimum withdrawal amount.

It is worth noting that most Riversweeps casinos lack information regarding payment processing speeds. The waiting time for withdrawals can vary, and without a licensing body overseeing the platform, you have no means of enforcing timely payouts.

Riversweeps Cash Out

Precise information about the Riversweeps company address is also unavailable, which raises concerns for many players.

Problems Adding Money to Riversweeps

Unlike other top sweepstakes casinos designed for online gaming at home, the Riversweeps platform was initially intended for sweepstakes cafes. As a result, there are several issues you may encounter when trying to fund your account.

Some notable concerns we have identified on the Riversweeps platform are:

  • Users can only register on Riversweeps via third-party sites like BitBetWin,, or Riversweeps7.
  • Many Riversweeps host sites have engaged in unethical practices, making it difficult to trust any other site using Riversweeps software.
  • Limited payment options are available, with Bitcoin being the sole option on BitBetWin.
  • Numerous complaints have been made by players regarding withdrawals on the platform. The Riversweeps team acknowledges these issues and requests that players send a message to receive their payments directly to their bank accounts.
  • There is no official iOS app, and users are redirected to a third-party app called iConnect Game to access Riversweeps games on iOS devices.
  • Riversweeps has a reputation for withholding a significant percentage of winnings.
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Hacks to Add Money to Riversweeps

Riversweeps is not the most secure sweepstakes site available, leading many players to search for hacks to add extra coins to their accounts. However, after conducting thorough research, we found that none of these hacks work, as confirmed by comments on the related videos.

When playing on any reputable sweepstakes site, there are several tricks you can use to obtain free coins without resorting to illegal hacks. Some of our best tricks for acquiring extra coins on sweepstakes sites include:

  1. Taking advantage of daily login bonuses offered by sweepstakes sites like Pulsz Casino,, and SweepSlots.
  2. Participating in social media contests for a chance to win free coins.
  3. Submitting a handwritten mail request to sweeps casinos, as they often reward players with sweepstakes coins.
  4. Referring friends to register on the sweepstakes site to claim referral bonuses.
  5. Exploring sites like WOW Vegas Casino and Fortune Coins that offer substantial no-deposit welcome bonuses after registration.

Given that the Riversweeps $10 free play bonus is presently inactive, we recommend utilizing the above-mentioned sites for a better gaming experience and the opportunity to win exciting prizes.

Viable Sweepstake Casino App Alternatives with Multiple Banking Options

Sweepstakes casinos typically offer two virtual currencies for gameplay: gold coins and sweepstakes coins. Sweepstakes coins grant access to a premium mode where any additional coins you win can be redeemed for real cash prizes.

Gold coins, on the other hand, provide access to a free play mode and have no redeemable value. You can purchase more gold coins from the sweepstakes site, often receiving sweepstakes coins as a bonus with each purchase.

To avoid sites like Riversweeps with their unreliable payments and unverifiable games, we recommend opting for alternative sweepstakes casinos that offer reputable payment channels and fair games. Some of the alternatives we suggest include:

  • Alternative Site A
  • Alternative Site B
  • Alternative Site C

Redeeming winnings on reputable sweepstakes sites is a straightforward process, with most sites offering a dedicated button for redeeming your earnings once you meet the wagering requirements. Account verification is necessary for completing the redemption, which typically involves providing documents such as a social security number and identity card.


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