The Rise of the Six Million Dollar Man Toy Line


In 1973, the ABC Network took a chance on a new TV series based on the book series titled Cyborg by Martin Caidin. They named the series “The Six Million Dollar Man” and it premiered on March 7, 1973, with a 90-minute pilot episode. This show, starring Lee Majors, quickly became a massive success, which led to the release of a toy line by Kenner in early 1975. Let’s delve into the fascinating world of the Six Million Dollar Man toy line.

Kenner’s Six Million Dollar Man Figures and Accessories

Kenner introduced an array of figures and accessories to enhance the playability factor of the Six Million Dollar Man toy line. Fans were captivated by the creative accessories that accompanied the figures, adding to the overall experience.

Bionic Adventure Sets: The Steve Austin Fashion Line

The Bionic Adventure Sets were the closest thing we had to a Steve Austin fashion line. Each set had its own captivating storyline, making playtime even more exciting.

Playsets: Expanding the Six Million Dollar Man Universe

Kenner went above and beyond by creating three fun playsets for the Six Million Dollar Man figures. These playsets not only provided hours of entertainment but also included numerous accessories to fuel kids’ creativity.

O.S.I Headquarters

The O.S.I Headquarters playset served as the workplace for Oscar Goldman and Steve Austin. This set allowed them to strategize and plan their heroic missions. Considered the rarest playset, it’s a gem for collectors and enthusiasts.

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Vehicles: Taking Playtime to the Next Level

Kenner introduced four vehicles during the run of the Six Million Dollar Man toy line. The Bionic Cycle, Mission Vehicle, and Tower Cycle Set were closely related and provided additional excitement for the adventures of Steve Austin.

Misc. Kenner Items: More Fun Beyond the Action Figures

Kenner didn’t limit themselves to action figures. They released a variety of amazing items that expanded the Six Million Dollar Man universe. These items added diversity and further enriched the play experience.


Kenner took advantage of the international success of “The Six Million Dollar Man” TV series by creating a toy line that captured the hearts of fans worldwide. With their inventive figures, creative accessories, and imaginative playsets, Kenner revolutionized the toy industry. The Six Million Dollar Man toy line became an instant classic, and its legacy lives on in the hearts of collectors and enthusiasts to this day.


For more information about Kenner’s Six Million Dollar Man toy line from 1975-1978, see the complete summary below.

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