Does Dollar General Carry Spray Paint?

Dollar General: the go-to store for bargain hunters looking to get the most value out of their money. With a wide variety of products available, including an arts and crafts section, it begs the question: Does Dollar General sell spray paint? Let’s explore this topic and dive into other related questions you may have about purchasing spray paint at Dollar General.

Is Dollar General a Good Place to Buy Spray Paint?

If you’re in the market for spray paint, your local Dollar General store can be a great option. They offer spray paint cans and other paint choices at pocket-friendly prices. While their selection of brands may be limited, they generally have enough variety to cater to shoppers’ needs. Moreover, before heading to the store, you can check out their paint options online to ensure they have the specific paint you’re looking for in stock. Alternatively, you can conveniently purchase spray paint online and have it delivered to your doorstep or a nearby pick-up location.

Purchasing Spray Paint at Dollar General Stores

It’s important to note that Dollar General stores may not have an extensive range of spray paint options. However, they do carry some reliable brands. Let’s take a closer look at the available selection:

What Spray Paints Can You Find at Dollar General?

While the specific brands available may vary depending on the location and time, there are a few options you’re likely to encounter. Firstly, Dollar General offers its own in-house spray paint brand called Miracal. The Miracal Premium Spray options include enamel white, enamel black, and enamel blue.

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Another brand you can find is Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch spray paints, with black and white being the most commonly stocked colors.

Additionally, there are other brands available in select stores, but they may have limited availability. You’ll also find a good selection of acrylic paints in the store’s arts and crafts supplies section.

Age Restrictions for Buying Spray Paint at Dollar General

In the United States, you must be at least 18 years old to purchase spray paint. This age restriction is in place to prevent minors from accessing and misusing spray paints. Some store locations even keep spray paint locked in cabinets along the hardware aisle for added safety precautions.

The age restriction exists for several reasons:

  • Fire hazard: Spray paints are highly flammable aerosol products. If stored or used improperly, they can cause fires and explosions, resulting in injuries, property damage, and even fatalities. Adults are more likely to follow safety precautions when using spray paints, thus reducing the risk of fire hazards.
  • Inhalant abuse: Inhaling spray paint fumes for a mind-altering effect is a form of substance abuse. Since these paints contain harmful chemicals, restricting access to minors helps prevent health issues such as neurological damage and respiratory problems.
  • Graffiti vandalism: Spray paint is a common tool used for graffiti vandalism. By imposing age restrictions on purchasing spray paint, the aim is to reduce illegal graffiti occurrences.

When purchasing spray paint at Dollar General, the cashier may ask you to show your ID, even if you’re clearly over 18. So, if you have a youthful appearance, be sure to carry your ID with you.

What Does Spray Paint Cost at Dollar General?

Price is often a crucial factor when considering spray paint options. While costs may vary between store locations, here are some average prices you can expect at Dollar General:

  • Acrylic paints vary in price depending on the brand, with some starting as low as $1.50 for an 8-ounce can.
  • The Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch 12-ounce cans retail for around $3.50 each (available in black and white).
  • Miracal Premium Enamel Spray Paint costs $1.50 for an 8-ounce can.

Compared to stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot, Dollar General offers spray paint at lower prices.

What Brands of Spray Paint Does Dollar General Sell?

Dollar General carries a range of paint brands and types. Here are some you can generally find in multiple stores:

1. Acrylic paint

Acrylic paints are versatile and can be used for various projects. You’ll find different options in your local Dollar General store’s arts and crafts section. If they’re not there, check one of the interior aisles in the hardware section.

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2. High-heat spray paint

This type of paint is specifically designed for exterior surfaces that generate a lot of heat, such as ovens. Keep in mind that not all Dollar General store locations stock this heavy-duty paint.

3. Rust-preventative spray paint

Some Dollar General locations offer a small selection of rust-preventing spray paints. These paints are excellent for protecting metal surfaces from rust. Rust-Oleum is the most common brand found in stores, particularly their Painter’s Touch variant in black or white.

4. Frosted spray paint

Frosted spray paints are perfect for achieving a semi-transparent effect on surfaces like glass. They are particularly useful for spray painting glass windows and doors. However, please note that not all Dollar General stores consistently stock this type of paint.

5. Miracal spray paint

Miracal is an in-house spray paint brand exclusive to Dollar General stores. This economical option offers a good finish and is available in 8-ounce cans. You can choose from various finishes, including metallic, premium, and gloss. The color options include blue, white, and black, giving you plenty of choices at an affordable price of $1.50 per can.

Does Dollar General Sell Spray Paint Cheaper Than Lowe’s?

Yes, spray paints at Dollar General stores are generally cheaper compared to Lowe’s. Furthermore, affordable brands like Miracal are exclusive to Dollar General. However, keep in mind that Lowe’s typically offers a wider range of spray paints compared to Dollar General.

Does Dollar General Sell Rust-Oleum Spray Paint?

Yes, Dollar General stores sell Rust-Oleum paint, but the options available may be more limited. The most commonly found variant is Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch, which serves as both a primer and finish. This versatile paint comes in different finishes (including gloss and metallic) and colors, with black and white being the most prevalent choices.

My Experience Buying Spray Paint at Dollar General

As someone who enjoys DIY projects, I’ve encountered challenges while working on various endeavors. One time, I was spray painting my daughters’ room when I ran out of paint before completing the task. Fortunately, I remembered a nearby Dollar General store. Without hesitation, I hopped in my car and made my way to the store just minutes away.

On arrival, I scoured the arts and crafts section, only to find acrylic and other decorative paints. However, I sought assistance from a store attendant who directed me to the spray paints located in the hardware aisle. There, I found Rust-Oleum and Miracal brands. Choosing the latter, I purchased a few cans of Miracal spray paint.

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The entire process, from stepping into the store to checking out with my paint cans, took only 15 minutes and cost me a mere $6 for four 8-ounce cans of spray paint. Any doubts I had about the quality of Miracal spray paint due to its affordability disappeared after I used it. The paint blended seamlessly with the previous coat, dried quickly, and exhibited no cracks or peeling. While the quality of the paint played a role, I’d like to believe my spray-painting skills contributed to the impressive outcome!

FAQs – Does Dollar General Sell Spray Paint?

Which is the Cheapest Spray Paint Brand at Dollar General?

As with any chain store, the cheapest spray paint brands at Dollar General are predominantly acrylic paints. Most Dollar General stores carry spray paint bases that require separate mixing before filling them into your spray gun.

Can You Buy Paint at the Dollar Store?

Yes, Dollar General stores sell spray paint. As long as you’re over 18 years old, you can purchase spray paint without any issues. In most store locations, you’ll find spray paint sections near the hardware aisles.

Does Dollar General Sell Black Spray Paint?

Absolutely! Dollar General stores stock black spray paint, among other colors. While different brands are available, the most common ones are Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch and Miracal Premium Enamel spray paints. Both brands offer black and white color variants.

What Color Spray Paint Does Dollar General Sell?

You can find spray paint in various colors at Dollar General stores. The most commonly available colors are white and black. Both Miracal Premium Enamel and Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch spray paints come in these colors. Additionally, Miracal spray paint offers a blue color option.

Is Miracal Spray Paint a Good Choice?

Miracal spray paints are both economical and of good quality. Packaged in 8-ounce cans, they provide three distinct finishes: metallic, premium, and gloss. You can select from a range of colors, including blue, white, and black, allowing for versatility in matching your project needs.

Is Rust-Oleum Paint Available at Dollar General?

Yes, Dollar General stores sell Rust-Oleum paint, specifically their Painter’s Touch variant. You can purchase a can of Rust-Oleum paint for $3.50. This brand is renowned for its multi-purpose 2-in-1 solutions that serve as both a primer and finish. The available finishes and colors include gloss, metallic, black, and white.

Content Summary

When you find yourself in need of spray paints, Dollar General can be a convenient option, particularly for basic colors like white, black, and blue. Although their selection may not be as extensive as specialty paint stores, you can still find reliable brands like Rust-Oleum. Additionally, Dollar General’s exclusive Miracal spray paints offer an economical alternative to established name brands.

What makes purchasing spray paint at Dollar General even more appealing is the affordable pricing. Miracal spray paint costs only $1.50 per 8-ounce can, while Rust-Oleum retails at $3.50. These prices are considerably lower than those at most other chain stores.

So, the next time you step into a Dollar General store, make sure to explore the hardware aisles. Who knows, you might just find the perfect spray paint for your project at a bargain!

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