The Fascinating Story of the 1925 Stone Mountain Half Dollar

The 1925 Stone Mountain half-dollar is a commemorative coin that holds great value and an intriguing history. Minted with the intent of raising funds for the Stone Mountain Memorial in Georgia, this coin has become highly sought after by collectors. Let’s delve into the exciting world of the 1925 Stone Mountain half-dollar, exploring its value, design, and captivating background.

The Value of the 1925 Stone Mountain Half Dollar

The 1925 Stone Mountain half-dollar holds significant value, particularly in mint condition. Here is a breakdown of its value based on different grades:

  • Good: $30
  • Extremely Fine: $45
  • MS 63: $100-$200
  • MS 65: $170-$250
  • MS 67: $600-$1,800
  • MS 68 /MS68+: $3,500-$28,000

1925 Stone Mountain Half Dollar Value
Image: palmislandcoin

The Southern Identity and Controversial Design

The 1925 Stone Mountain half-dollar is deeply rooted in the history and identity of the American South. Minted to raise funds for Confederate memorials, particularly the Stone Mountain Memorial, this coin carries a design that sparks controversy.

The obverse of the coin features the equestrian figures of Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. This choice of design aligns with the resurgence of Southern ideals in the early 20th century. The sculptor behind this design, Gutzon Borglum, was a member of the Ku Klux Klan, a white supremacist group targeting African Americans.

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1925 Stone Mountain Half Dollar Obverse
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The Majestic Reverse Design

The reverse side of the coin showcases the image of an American eagle perched on a mountain crag, its wings spread wide. Alongside the upper rim, the inscription “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” stands in capital letters. The Latin phrase “E PLURIBUS UNUM” appears beneath the word “STATES.” The left side of the coin bears the inscription “MEMORIAL TO THE VALOR OF THE SOLDIER OF THE SOUTH,” while “LIBERTY” is struck below the eagle. The coin’s denomination, “HALF DOLLAR,” resides in the center of the lower rim.

A Special Coin with Unique Details

The 1925 Stone Mountain half-dollar is composed of 90% silver and 10% copper. It weighs 12.5 grams and has a diameter of 30.61 millimeters, with a thickness of 2.15 millimeters. The edge of the coin is reeded.

These coins were sold for $1, twice their face value. Although the Philadelphia Mint distributed 5 million of these coins, only around 1.3 million were sold. Many of them were counterstamped to indicate the state and increase their auction bids.

The Value of Counterstamped Coins

Certain 1925 Stone Mountain half-dollars bear counterstamps, making them even more valuable. The counterstamps represent different states and were used to enhance the coins’ appeal and price. For example, the “ALA” stamp stands for Alabama, while “GL” and “SL” signify Gold Lavalier and Silver Lavalier awards respectively.

1925 Stone Mountain Half Dollar Counterstamps
Image: ebay

These counterstamped coins can be quite rare and valuable. For instance, the 1925 Stone Mountain half-dollar with an “ALA” stamp in MS 63 condition was sold for $3,840. The highest grade for a counterstamped coin, “MISS,” has fetched a staggering $9,300.

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Grading and Error List

Grading a coin can seem complex, but it directly influences its value. The 1925 Stone Mountain half-dollar is known for a rare error called the double die obverse (DDO). This occurs when the coin is struck with a misaligned die, resulting in double details. Coins with this error can be worth between $150 and $1,250, depending on their grade.

Unveiling the Fascination of the 1925 Stone Mountain Half Dollar

The 1925 Stone Mountain half-dollar is an extraordinary coin with significant historical and numismatic value. Whether you are a collector or simply intrigued by the rich stories behind coins, this piece holds a special place in American history. So next time you stumble upon a 1925 Stone Mountain half-dollar, remember its remarkable journey and the controversies it continues to spark.

Note: The information provided here is based on historical data and market trends. Prices may vary depending on various factors.

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