The Sunshine Family: Wholesome Dolls and Vintage Playsets from the 70s

Like Hippie Barbie Tied the Knot: The Sunshine Family Delightful Dolls from the 1970s

Things to Do and Things to Create, Sunshine Family Style

This extraordinary concept centers around our wholesome family of dolls that embrace a back-to-nature lifestyle. A loving mommy, daddy, and their little baby, along with their friendly neighbors. These dolls engage your child in various family activities.

The Sunshine Family idea

But wait, there’s even more to The Sunshine Family! Each family of dolls and every Sunshine Family accessory comes with its own Idea Book, filled with enjoyable craft activities.

These special craft playbooks demonstrate how your child can create a universe of realistic items for their Sunshine Family dolls using everyday objects they discover around the house.

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There are numerous Idea Books available, each igniting hours of imaginative play for your child. They will be delighted to make things not only for The Sunshine Family grandparents and pets but also to fill up the family Craft Store with a myriad of handmade crafts.

Day after day, they will build a unique world of their own, Sunshine Family-style. And that’s the whole, magnificent concept! From Mattel.

The Sunshine Family Van: Piggyback Shack Adventure

Embark on a fun-filled fair visit aboard the Sunshine Family Van, loaded with crafts and creations to make and share. Belts, purses, flowerpots, and countless other things await your child’s imagination. The van also includes an Idea Book with projects your child can make right at home, using materials they already have.

The Sunshine Family Van with Piggyback Shack - Vintage toys

The Sunshine Family Home: Design and Decorate Your Own Dollhouse

A 4-room residence that your child can personalize and embellish to their heart’s content! From the kitchen and patio to the bedroom and living room, they can let their creativity soar.

The Sunshine Family Home (dollhouse) - Vintage toys

Help the Sunshine Family Dolls Decorate Their Home

Encourage your child to contribute their own ideas alongside the ones provided in the Idea Book!

  • Cultivate miniature potato plants by planting them in tiny paper cups. These plants can thrive both inside and outside the house!
  • Craft a lovely braided rug using some yarn.
  • Assemble a dresser by gluing together empty cardboard matchboxes.
  • Transform a milk carton into a cozy sofa.
  • Get creative with chairs, too!
  • Construct an adorable ice cream stick fence.

The Sunshine Family Craft Store: A Haven for Creativity

Step into a welcoming place where the Sunshine Family dolls can innovate, sell crafts, and enjoy good times with friends and neighbors. With a spinning wheel that truly spins and a pottery wheel that actually works, possibilities for creativity are endless.

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The Sunshine Family Craft Store - vintage toy set

Vintage Sunshine Family Farm Kit (1970s): Endless Fun and Adventure

Prepare for barrels of amusement on this fascinating farm! Discover friendly animals and a myriad of things to see and do.

Vintage Sunshine Family Farm (1970s)

Vintage Sunshine Family Baby’s Room Playset

Vintage Sunshine Family baby's room playset

Sunshine Family Farm Playsets: Barn, Produce Stand, Truck

Milk the Cow, Tend the Garden on the Sunshine Family Farm

Included in this set are a two-story hardboard barn, a working water pump, fencing, tools, a winch, a rooster, a hen that lays eggs, and a cow that can be milked.

The Sunshine Family produce truck is a 17-inch long plastic pickup truck with movable wheels. It comes with five chipboard “produce” crates, a rake, a shovel, a hoe, pruners, clippers, and decals for the truck.

The musical rocking chair, made of plastic, can accommodate dolls up to 12 inches tall. Turning the knob activates the music while the chair rocks.

The Sunshine Family Produce Stand is a hardboard stand that stands 13-1/2 inches high. It comes with four chipboard baskets of “produce,” gardening tools, six plastic pots, and even a packet of real seeds.

Sunshine Family farm toys from the seventies

The Sunshine Family Surrey Cycle: A Three-Wheeled Adventure

Happily go wherever the fun takes you on a fantastic tricycle built for three!

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The Sunshine Family Surrey Cycle

The Sunshine Family Backyard Picnic Project: A Vintage 70s Craft Set

The Sunshine Family Backyard Picnic Project vintage 70s craft set

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Several Sets of The Sunshine Family Dolls and Vintage Playsets

1975 The Sunshine Family Collection - Courtesy of Mears Online Auctions

Photo from 2013 courtesy Mears Online Auctions

Step Into a World of Sunshine!

Say Hello to The Sunshine Family: A Unique Doll Collection That Fosters Creativity and togetherness.

  1. The family consists of a mother, father, and baby, each with their own special house and furniture. But that’s just the beginning.
  2. The dolls come with a book of DIY activity suggestions. It guides your children in creating Sunshine Family playthings and furniture using common materials such as paste, string, fabric scraps, crayons, and most importantly, their imagination.
  3. For example, a milk carton can be transformed into a table.
  4. A berry basket becomes a crib, and a spool can be repurposed as a planter.
  5. Bit by bit, your children will build a Sunshine Family world, sharing the joy and excitement of their own family adventures.
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The fun never stops shining!

The Sunshine Family from Mattel (1974-1978)

This Wholesome Family Loves Their Potato Chips

This Christmas, Lay’s Can Bring The Sunshine Family into Your Home

When you purchase Lay’s Potato Chips, receive a $1.00 refund coupon for The Sunshine Family dolls.

This Christmas, Lay's can make The Sunshine Family part of your Family

The Sunshine Family Fashions: Party Time and Fun at the Beach

The Sunshine Family fashions (2)

The Sunshine Family fashions (1)

The Sunshine Fun Family Fashion Sets for Vintage Dolls

Doll Clothing & Doll House: The Sunshine Fun Family embraces enjoyment and entertainment at a party, in cozy winter coverups, at the beach, and while playing sports.

The Sunshine Fun Family - Having fun together (vintage dolls)

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Vintage Sunshine Family Idea Book of Things to Make (1970s)

Vintage Sunshine Family idea book of things to make (1970s)

1970s Sunshine Family craft projects - yellow idea book pages (1)

Craft Projects

Learn how to make homemade clay (salt dough), create delightful pots and hanging planters, and even construct a baby swing.

1970s Sunshine Family craft projects - yellow idea book pages (2)

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The Sunshine Family in Germany

Although these dolls speak German, they reside in the same style of mid-century American houses.

The Sunshine Family in Germany

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