21 Exciting Activities to Experience in Lakeville, Minnesota

Lakeville, MN, the largest city in Dakota County, is becoming one of the Twin Cities’ most rapidly growing areas. Situated approximately 20 miles south of downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul along Interstate Highway 35, Lakeville offers a plethora of attractions that are sure to keep you entertained. Here, we have curated a list of the top 21 things to do in Lakeville, MN.

Lakeville Area Art Center

Immerse yourself in the world of art at the Lakeville Area Art Center. This incredible facility not only teaches and entertains but also connects Lakeville residents to the vibrant art scene. Attend captivating productions, admire stunning artwork in the gallery, or take part in an art class.


Within the Lakeville Area Art Center, you’ll find three distinct theater groups:

  • Expressions Community Theater: This in-house community theater was formed by dedicated volunteers with the aim of providing family-friendly shows for the entire community.
  • Prairie Fire Children’s Theater: Each year, the Arts Center hosts Prairie Fire Children’s Theater camps, offering children an opportunity to explore their passion for the performing arts.
  • The Play’s the Thing Productions: A non-profit community theater specializing in high-quality productions for both adults and children.

With theater seating for up to 100 people and banquet or classroom seating for 60, there’s plenty of room to enjoy these outstanding performances.

Art Gallery

The Arts Center’s gallery features an ever-changing display of artwork created by talented local artists. From hand-blown glass and captivating paintings to unique pottery and mesmerizing mixed media pieces, the exhibits offer a diverse range of artistic expression. These displays not only provide exposure for local artisans but also enhance the community’s art education.

Art Classroom

If you’re interested in honing your artistic skills, the Lakeville Area Arts Center offers pottery and painting classes. Additionally, you can rent the spacious art classroom, which comes equipped with a sink, countertop, flexible lighting, and a projection screen.

Hot Sam’s Antiques and Used Furniture

Prepare for a truly one-of-a-kind experience at Hot Sam’s Antiques and Used Furniture. This extraordinary establishment is a blend of theme park, photo park, junkyard, artist’s haven, and antique shop. Your perception of this place will depend on your personal tastes and preferences. If you appreciate the unusual, odd, and quirky, Hot Sam’s will undoubtedly captivate you.

Nestled along Interstate-35 in Lakeville, Hot Sam’s spans ten acres and showcases the owner’s passion for transforming old and rusty discards into works of art. For instance, the massive 24-foot high guitar on display was ingeniously crafted from a hot tub that originally belonged to the Minnesota Vikings training camp. Mounted on a trailer, it can be transported to different locations for rental purposes.

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As you wander through the grounds, take in the eclectic sights and capture memorable photos. Hot Sam’s has gained a reputation as a haven for amateur and professional photographers seeking unique backdrops for their clients. Local groups, residents, and schools often rent various pieces from Hot Sam’s for theatrical productions and parties.

Everything on display is available for purchase, though negotiations may hinge on the owner’s assessment of your attitude! Most people are awe-struck by the sheer uniqueness of Hot Sam’s; they have never encountered a place quite like it before.

Featuring one of the largest and most extraordinary collections of eclectic items and antiques you’ll ever see, Hot Sam’s blends them with the visual spectacle of old cars, both useless and useful “stuff,” railroad cars, vintage circus wagons, 1950s cars nestled in the woods, and even the famous SS Minnow trapped in a swamp.

Prepare to be amazed as you explore this incredible place. Just keep an eye out for the three-story-high guitar on the side of I-35 in Lakeville, and don’t forget to bring your camera!

Applewood Orchard

Indulge in the delights of Applewood Orchard, where you can purchase apple cider, delectable mini donuts, local honey, caramel apples, and an assortment of freshly baked goods. The whole family can enjoy a charming hayride and the kids can have a blast in the maze, playground, and pedal tractors. In addition to offering 20 different apple varieties, Applewood Orchard also sells an array of jams, jellies, spreadable fruit, maple syrup, and pumpkins. This idyllic spot is perfect for a visit on a beautiful fall day, and you even have the opportunity to pick your own apples.

Casperson Park and Boat Launch

Plan a delightful picnic lunch at Casperson Park, a picturesque area boasting three rentable shelters. The park offers a wide range of amenities, including a boat launch, fishing pier, grilling stations, ample parking, picnic areas, playgrounds, restrooms, soccer fields, scenic trails, and volleyball courts.

Angry Inch Brewing

Experience the perfect combination of a taproom ambiance and outstanding beer at Angry Inch Brewing. Located in the beautiful, historic downtown Lakeville, this brewery serves a variety of full-flavored malt beers that cater to all palates. Using Belgian-inspired brewing techniques and adding their unique touch, Angry Inch Brewing develops a range of brews that balance tradition, flavor, and craftsmanship — from traditional to experimental.

Enjoy a day out with family and friends on their dog-friendly patio, savoring beer the way it was meant to be enjoyed, alongside Mother Nature’s beauty! Feel free to bring your own food, but keep in mind that utensils and napkins are not provided, so be sure to bring your own. After your meal, please dispose of any unused items in the appropriate bins.

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Weather permitting, the patio at Angry Inch Brewing is open for patrons to enjoy. Please note that it is an open space without any coverage or umbrellas to shield you from the elements.

Kids and Pets

Children and pets are always welcome at Angry Inch Brewing, but they must be under the supervision of their parents or owners, respectively. Kids should remain seated with their parents and follow the rules, while leashed and well-behaved pets are permitted on the patio. However, it’s important that pets refrain from making contact with other patrons.

Gray Line Minneapolis

If you’re new to Minnesota or simply want to explore the area, embark on a luxurious, air-conditioned motorcoach tour with Gray Line Minneapolis. Their knowledgeable and experienced tour guides will take you through the oldest and most exclusive neighborhoods of Minneapolis and St. Paul, highlighting popular attractions along the way.

Let’s take a look at the tours they offer:

  • Black Hills and Badlands Tour
  • Fall Colors and Historic Duluth
  • Holiday Lights Tour
  • Minneapolis and Mississippi River Tour
  • Stillwater and St. Croix River Tour
  • Taste Twin Cities Food and Drink Tours
  • Twin Cities Highlights Tour

Gander Mountain Academy

For firearms enthusiasts, Gander Mountain Academy partners with Personal Defense Network (PDN) to provide top-notch firearms instructions. You can access instructional videos covering a variety of personal defense topics. Gander Mountain Academy’s instructors and managers share their insights in defensive training and preparation, drawn from their experience in one of the country’s most esteemed training programs for private citizens. The academy’s professional training facilities offer access to highly trained instructors, virtual and live firing ranges, and state-of-the-art simulation technology.

Champion Valley

If you thrive on competition, Champion Valley is the perfect destination. Offering six unique competitive activities, this outdoor adventure park is conveniently located near Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Ax Throwing

Prepare for two hours of high-intensity excitement and learn the art of properly throwing an ax. Engage in the ultimate elimination challenge against your friends, all while enjoying unlimited “wack-a-nail.” With ten ax-throwing games available, you’re in for an unforgettable experience. And don’t forget to bring your preferred beverages, whether it’s wine, beer, or any other drink of your choice!


With 150 acres of ten creatively themed battlefields, Champion Valley delivers a paintball experience unlike any other in the state. From charging up hills and splashing through swamps to protecting or conquering buildings and hiding in forests, the possibilities for exhilarating gameplay are endless. Engage in special ops-inspired missions and arm yourself with mission-critical gear to dominate the enemy, ensuring a memorable adventure. And, of course, enjoy your favorite beverages while playing!

Escape Missions

Locked in a fully themed room, your team of 4-10 players will face a thrilling challenge. Your mission? Collect hidden assets and escape the room before time runs out. Navigate through a maze of locks, clocks, and secret passages using teamwork, critical thinking, and quick wits. Success depends on your ability to work together and think outside the box!

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Archery Tag

Engage in an adrenaline-fueled, team-based game that combines the thrill of archery with the excitement of dodgeball. Armed with bows and foam-tipped arrows, players shoot at opposing players and targets, employing strategic teamwork, communication, and confidence. Take advantage of the field’s bunkers to outplay your opponents and emerge victorious. Archery tag is an experience that challenges both your physical and mental abilities.

Low Impact Paintball

Experience the thrill of paintball without the intensity of the impact. Champion Valley offers lighter, smaller paintballs and rental gear, ensuring a fun and enjoyable paintball experience. Rediscover the excitement and camaraderie of paintball while minimizing the discomfort often associated with traditional paintballs.


Ready for the ultimate battle experience? Engage in games across ten different battlefields, all under the supervision of a certified Airsoft staff member. Immerse yourself in thrilling combat scenarios and put your skills to the test in this action-packed adventure. Champion Valley’s 150 acres of outdoor fun provide the perfect setting for an unbeatable experience. Why limit yourself to one activity when you can create your own ultimate adventure by combining any of Champion Valley’s offerings?


Experience the hippest and coolest lanes in the game at Bowlero. This modern bowling alley features comfortable lounge seats, black lights, and large HD video walls showcasing live sports events, music videos, and classic family films.


Discover a plethora of state-of-the-art video games and classic favorites in Bowlero’s deluxe arcade. Load up on credits, grab the controls, and embark on a gaming extravaganza. Whether you’re playing your all-time favorites or uncovering new treasures, the arcade is bound to provide hours of pure fun.

Laser Tag

Step into Bowlero’s state-of-the-art laser tag arena, strap on a power pack, grab a laser, aim, and fire! Compete in exhilarating team-based battles, perfect for parties or casual outings with friends and family.


Enjoy a friendly game of billiards with friends or practice your trick shots at Bowlero. Their premium, cloth-covered tables allow you to play like a pro and unleash your inner pool shark.

Sports Bar

Kick back, relax, and catch the big game on Bowlero’s HD flat-screen TVs, all while savoring a refreshing beer, glass of wine, or a signature cocktail. If hunger strikes, you can indulge in delicious burgers, wings, and an array of other mouthwatering options.

Crystal Lake Golf Club

For the avid golfer, Crystal Lake Golf Club is a must-visit destination. This first-class facility boasts country club standards and offers a pristine golfing experience. The course features elegant pines, immaculate wetlands, and seven picturesque ponds that present challenging water hazards. With 18 holes and a par of 71, Crystal Lake Golf Club accommodates all skill levels, providing a fairytale-like setting complete with rolling hills and reclaimed Minnesota wetlands.

As you can see, Lakeville offers an abundance of activities and attractions for both residents and visitors. Whether you’re attending a Twins game in Minneapolis or a Wilds game in St. Paul, exploring fine dining establishments, sports bars, or pizza joints, Lakeville has something to satisfy every taste. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to discover Lakeville’s charm — you won’t be disappointed!

Things to do in Lakeville MN

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