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The Maryland Department of Labor’s mission is to “Keep the State Working and Safe” with its range of services for the public.

Workforce Development Division and Adult Education Office

This division assists individuals in their job search, provides education and training programs for adults and youth, and offers guidance for their path to employment. Additionally, the division collects and publishes information on the labor market.

Adult Education and Literacy Services

The Adult Education and Literacy Services Office provides leadership and support to ensure that all adults in Maryland have access to adult education and basic skill instruction. These skills enable them to become effective workers, family members, partners in their children’s education, and responsible citizens. The office offers resources to support adult instruction services and General Education Development (GED) tests for individuals aged 16 and above who are not enrolled in school. Programs are available in all Maryland jurisdictions and provide English classes for students and adults interested in improving their basic reading, writing, and math skills. They also provide an opportunity to obtain a high school diploma through GED exams or the National External Diploma Program (NEDP). Those who complete both the GED and NEDP programs earn a High School Diploma in Maryland.

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For information on agricultural services, click here: Employers and Agricultural Workers.

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Unemployment Insurance Division

Unemployment insurance benefits are provided to individuals who are unemployed through no fault of their own, available and willing to work, and actively seeking employment.

For a phone number for information on unemployment benefits, click here.

Financial Regulation Division

This division regulates the operations of banks, credit unions, consumer loan companies, sales finance companies, mortgage companies, and collection agencies. It handles public complaints and inquiries regarding checking accounts, credit cards, installment sales contracts, repossession of automobiles, mortgage foreclosures, credit bureaus, credit reports, and discrimination in obtaining credit. Beware of Unlicensed Money Transfers and submit an Investigation Request in the WORD format.

Labor and Industry Division

The Labor and Industry Division protects the health, safety, and employment rights of all workers across Maryland. They oversee the Safety and Health program, conducting inspections and providing education to protect workers in Maryland. The division also supervises programs for amusement rides, railways, elevators, boilers, and pressure vessels. Furthermore, they promote industry sponsorship for vocational instruction through apprenticeships and training programs.

For information on the Occupational Safety and Health program, click here.

Download the Wage Claim Form (Word or PDF).

Maryland’s Take Five for Safety: Your Hispanic Workforce

Licensing, Occupations, and Professions Division

This division determines and enforces minimum competency levels for various occupations and professions (excluding healthcare occupations) to protect the public. Their responsibilities include conducting examinations, issuing licenses, and handling consumer complaints.

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Horse Racing Commission

The Horse Racing Commission oversees and regulates all horse racing activities in Maryland, including off-track betting sites. The Commission licenses all participants in the industry, from the facilities and jockeys to the dealers. To maintain the integrity of the sport, the Commission operates its own laboratory to test horses for drugs.

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