15 Rarest LOL Surprise Dolls – Unveiling the Collectibles!

Have you ever wondered if your LOL Surprise doll is a rare collectible? Since its release in 2016, the L.O.L. Surprise! toy line by MGA Entertainment has taken the United States by storm, becoming one of the best-selling toys in the country. Modeled after the blind bag figures craze that originated in Japan, L.O.L. Surprise! dolls come in various series, each featuring unique and collectible characters. In this article, we’ll explore the rarest LOL Surprise dolls that make collectors’ hearts skip a beat.

The Pioneering Sugar Queen

Sugar Queen

Sugar Queen holds a special place among collectors as the first-ever Christmas doll released by L.O.L. Surprise! Inspired by the Sugarplum Fairy from the classic Christmas ballet, “The Nutcracker,” this glittery doll dons a tutu and ballet shoes, radiating the enchanting spirit of the holiday season. Accompanying Sugar Queen are her adorable pets, Sugar Sneak and Sugar Squeak.

Stardust Queen: A Bowie Tribute

Stardust Queen

Drawing inspiration from the legendary David Bowie, Stardust Queen captivates collectors with her outfit reminiscent of Bowie’s iconic “Ziggy Stardust” era. Sporting different colored eyes, Stardust Queen pays homage to the misconception that Bowie had heterochromia. In reality, Bowie had anisocoria, which causes one pupil to be larger than the other.

Splash Queen: Making a Splash in Collecting

Splash Queen

Embodying the allure of mermaids, Splash Queen reigns as a mermaid-themed Ultra-Rare L.O.L. Surprise doll from Series 2. With her shimmering blue hair and a dress adorned with shells and a mermaid tail pattern, she immediately catches the eye of any collector. Splash Queen later made a comeback in the Bling Series, offering enthusiasts a chance to add her to their coveted collections.

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Did You Know?

Splash Queen holds another distinction. She is the only Ultra-Rare doll from The Glitterati Club in Series 2. Additionally, in the Bling Series, she stands as the sole non-Rare Glitterati member.

Splash Meow-Maid: A Feline Maestro

Splash Meow-Maid

Splash Meow-Maid, an Ultra-Rare L.O.L. Surprise Pet, is the feline companion of Splash Queen. Exhibiting the same mermaid-themed allure, this little tan cat with mermaid hair and blue glittery locks perfectly complements Splash Queen’s enchanting presence.

The Queen: A Royal Homage

The Queen

Drawing influence from the King of Rock and Roll himself, Elvis Presley, The Queen made an appearance as a Rare doll in Series 2. With her outfit, name, and design paying tribute to the legendary musician, this doll captured the hearts of collectors. Later, The Queen attained the status of an Ultra-Rare doll, together with Kitty Queen, in the Glam Glitter Series. Joining this regal family is Jukebox B.B., The Queen’s older sister and part of the OMG Fashion Dolls Series.

Purple Queen: A Tributary Masterpiece

Purple Queen

As an Ultra-Rare doll from the LOL Big Surprise Series, Purple Queen presents a homage to the late singer Prince and his timeless classic, “Purple Rain.” Collectors are captivated by her design, which captures the essence of Prince’s unparalleled musical legacy.

Pop Heart: A Colorful Burst of Joy

Pop Heart

Pop Heart, an Ultra-Rare color-changing L.O.L. Surprise doll, takes inspiration from the vibrant Pop Art movement. With a dress featuring a speech bubble that cheekily exclaims “POP!,” this doll unveils a swimsuit with changing colors when her dress is removed. Watch as her hair transitions from black and blue to red and white, adding an extra element of surprise.

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Luxe: The Shining Beauty


Luxe, the Ultra-Rare doll from the 24K Club, made her debut in Series 2. With her special metallic shine, Luxe dazzles collectors with her glamorous appearance. Due to her limited availability, Luxe holds significant value in the collecting community, with prices ranging from $40 for just the doll to as high as $150 for the entire Luxe family set.

Kitty Queen: The Ariana Grande Inspiration

Kitty Queen

Kitty Queen, initially released as a Rare doll in Series 2, captured fans’ hearts with her cat ear headband, high ponytail, and fashion choices reminiscent of pop star Ariana Grande. This doll’s popularity soared, leading to her transformation into an Ultra-Rare doll during the Glam Glitter Series. Collectors embraced the chance to add Kitty Queen to their growing collections. Kitty Queen’s lineage extends further with the introduction of her big sister, Kitty K, in the OMG Fashion Dolls Series.

Did You Know?

Kitty Queen earned the distinction of being the second cat-themed L.O.L. Surprise doll ever released, with Baby Cat, featuring whiskers, as the first.

Cosmic Queen: A Stellar Charm

Cosmic Queen

Cosmic Queen, alongside Queen Bee, stands among the most popular Rare/Ultra-Rare L.O.L. Surprise dolls. Initially released in Series 1, this doll resurfaced as an Ultra-Rare figure in the Glitter Series. Collectors are enchanted by Cosmic Queen’s teal hair, purple lipstick, and glittery purple jumpsuit, adding a touch of cosmic charm to any collection.

Did You Know?

The heart-shaped sunglasses Cosmic Queen wore in Series 1 were later reused for Neon Q.T. in the JK Mini Fashion Doll line.

Boss Queen: The Empowered Icon

Boss Queen

Making her debut in Series 3, Boss Queen exudes confidence with her office-inspired attire and signature black round glasses. This Rare doll commands attention and inspires collectors to celebrate their own strength and power. Later, Boss Queen returned as an Ultra-Rare doll in the Sparkle Series, further cementing her status as an iconic figure.

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Bebé Bonita: A Día de los Muertos Tribute

Bebé Bonita

Bebé Bonita pays homage to the Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos), with her Sugar Skull-inspired appearance. Initially released as part of the Eye Spy Series, Bebé Bonita features color-changing elements that add another layer of fascination. While the original Bebé Bonita might be elusive, a Spooky Sparkle Limited Edition version was released in 2020, and it continues to captivate collectors with its glowing-in-the-dark feature.

Beatnik Babe: A Retro Delight

Beatnik Babe

Beatnik Babe brings the essence of ’60s Beatnik fashion to the L.O.L. Surprise doll universe. As one of the few Ultra-Rare dolls outside the Glitterati Club, Beatnik Babe represents the Retro Club and debuted in Series 3. Adding to her allure, Beatnik Babe features color-changing elements: when exposed to heat or cold water, her clothes and hair transform, surprising collectors with a dynamic appearance.

Agent 00L: The Detective Extraordinaire

Agent 00L

Agent 00L, an Ultra-Rare doll from the Surprise Series, brings a touch of mystery to the L.O.L. Surprise doll lineup. Drawing inspiration from detectives, Agent 00L dons a stylish deerstalker cap. Accompanying her are Agent Purr, her loyal pet, and a lil sister. With her distinct design and intriguing storyline, Agent 00L adds an element of espionage to collectors’ treasure troves.

The Reigning Queen Bee

Queen Bee

Considered by many as the rarest L.O.L. Surprise doll in any series, Queen Bee holds an iconic status among collectors. In Series 1, Queen Bee emerged as an Ultra-Rare doll with glittered hair and a black and yellow striped dress. Currently listed on eBay for double the retail price, she remains a highly sought-after collectible. Queen Bee returned to captivate collectors once again in the Glitter Series as an Ultra-Rare doll with glittered hair and outfit.

Did You Know?

Queen Bee’s design was inspired by the legendary Beyoncé, and her Glitter Series outfit mirrors the one Beyoncé wore in her “Single Ladies” music video.

Collecting L.O.L. Surprise dolls has become a popular hobby, with collectors eagerly hunting for these rare and precious gems. As you gaze upon your own L.O.L. Surprise doll collection, take a moment to appreciate the unique dolls that make collectors’ hearts skip a beat.

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